Tired Of Wearing The Same WFH Outfit? Here's What Our Editors Are Into Right Now

A girl posing in a white dress while holding a brown sweater

I'll be the first to admit that over the last two weeks, I've worked all day in the same outfit I slept in the night before. I'm not proud to share this information, but it goes to show that right now there really are no rules when it comes to getting dressed. Your work-from-home uniform can be determined by your mood, number of video conferences on your calendar, or the Instagram workout you have planned for the day.

But, wearing the same thing day after night after day may leave you feeling stagnant. Personally, changing into something fresh is a big mood booster and can actually boost my productivity and drive me out of bed. So, to help you navigate your new working situation, TZR's editors are here to share the pieces they're relying on right now, sweats included. Armed with a few fresh (and low-lift) ideas, you will be excited to ditch your pajamas when you sign on in the morning.

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Work From Home Uniform Ideas: A Good Pair Of Socks

"My work-from-home uniform involves these wide-leg Uniqlo pants, this super-soft Everlane tee that I own in a few colors, and a buttery soft Filippa K sweatshirt. The item I wear every single day is incredibly boring, but I love these plush socks from Asics, I put them on with my outfit every single morning." — Anna Buckman, Beauty Shopping News Editor

Work From Home Uniform Ideas: Workout Gear

"I'd like to think my work-from-home outfit involves an actual I'd-wear-this-out-of-the-house piece, but I generally end up wearing my workout stuff all day long. It encourages me to take a few breaks throughout the day to do some at-home videos. I have a few pieces in rotation, including a few sports bras from Bandier, and leggings or bike shorts from Alo, Lululemon, Live the Process, and Year of Ours." — Lauren Caruso, Site Director

Work From Home Uniform Ideas: Cozy Staples

My work uniform currently consists of vintage velour Juicy Couture sweats, soft cotton Calvin Klein tanks and my new fuzzy slides from R0AM. It's comfy, it's timeless and it's cute! It's not much of a stray from my typical day to day look, so it’s on trend for me. — Ryan Gale, Market Assistant

Work From Home Uniform Ideas: Mood-Boosters

"Every day brings something different for me! Sometimes it's sweats, other times it's fancier clothes that make me feel like life is back to normal. My sister talked to me about her dressing mantra the other day, and I think it fits my mood too: don't dress how you feel, dress how you want to feel." — Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor

Work From Home Uniform Ideas: Easy Dress-Up Options

"I enjoy weekends because they're so low-effort for me... I'm talking tracksuits and Uggs, baby. During quarantine, it's still much of the same story... matching sets, athletic leggings, and hoodies, honestly. But for virtual desksides or meetings, I like to throw on an easy button-down and perhaps a blazer to dress things up." — Khalea Underwood, Beauty Editor

Work From Home Uniform Ideas: Fun Prints & Colors

"Clothing directly reflects my mood, so I'm trying to stick with my typical head-to-toe printed ensembles. But, since I'm on the couch (or in bed) for part of the day, comfort is still important! I'll couple a cute blouse with sweats and fun socks." — Kelsey Stewart, Editorial Assistant

Work From Home Uniform Ideas: Shoes

Aidan Macaluso

"I try and force myself to wear shoes everyday — for whatever reason, they make me feel more productive. Even if they're ultimately paired with leggings or sweats." — Aidan Macaluso, Senior Social Media Editor

Work From Home Uniform Ideas: Routine-Friendly Pieces

"I don’t have a uniform necessarily, but I have realized the importance of getting up and getting dressed every morning. I’m not wearing my typical office attire, but I usually am in workout clothes because I have gotten into the habit of doing at home workouts to build out my daily routine. I find that it provides me some kind of structure and sense of normalcy to change out of pajamas everyday." — Gabby Prescod, Style Lead & Senior Market Editor

Work From Home Uniform Ideas: Polished Athleisure

"I wish I could say I've been dressing as I normally do for work, but I would be lying. That said, I've found the perfect WFH loophole in these wide-leg pants from Twenty Montreal. The cut looks deceptively more formal than your traditional joggers or workout leggings, which makes them perfect for laying low comfortably and also looking presentable enough to step out for a walk with my pup! I'll usually pair them with a cream cashmere sweater to make the look feel a bit more luxe." — Angela Melero, Deputy Editor

Work From Home Uniform Ideas: Cozy Cardigan

"I generally wear some iteration of the same outfit every day: sweatpants, tank, and fun slides or sandals like my favorite Brother Vellies feather Lamu sandals. My camel-colored Lou & Grey cardigan is sadly no longer available, but it's definitely the piece I find myself grabbing for again and again while spending more time on the couch. Every closet needs a long, cozy cardigan that can be worn both lounging around the house or running quick errands." — Shelby Hyde, Fashion Shopping News Editor