How The Beachwaver Co.’s New Haircare Collection Goes Beyond Creating The Perfect Post-Beach Waves

Courtesy of Beachwaver

Nothing says summer like effortlessly wavy, textured hair that looks like it's been windswept after a day at the beach. But unless you're actually planning to post up seaside this season, the hairstyle is easier said than done. That is, unless you score yourself The Beachwaver Co.'s Make Waves collection, which makes achieving that naturally wavy look easier than ever. On top of that, the beach-inspired collection actually treats your tresses to the TLC it'll need this summer — so what are you waiting for?

This summer, it's never been easier to make some major waves when it comes to your hair. That's because on June 5, Beachwaver officially released its Make Waves Collection, a complete hair care range that'll help you enhance your hair's natural texture no matter where you're headed. The fresh drop, which is launching in tandem with the brand's Dream Big, Make Waves campaign, is all about empowering you to achieve your dreams — hair-related, and otherwise.

The big release includes several new products for each step in your hair routine to help you nail summer-perfect styles. First things first, when you lather up in the shower reach for Beachwaver's new Good Vibes Moisturizing Shampoo and its coordinating Conditioner, $24 each. The products are full of hydrating ingredients like coconut milk, coconut oil and shea butter, plus the brand's innovative HiX Bond Multipliers™ which strengthen strands and increase shine.

The supercharged strengthening ingredient is found across the rest of the collection too, including the pre-styling Braid Balm, $24, which smoothes and fortifies hair to give you shiny, frizz-free braids, and the Shubie Surf Beach Spray, $18, that boosts texture and volume without drying strands thanks to the addition of coconut oil and sea kelp.

"The hair will be nourished from the inside out with our innovative, patented glucose-derived hydrogen and ionic alpha bond multiplier," co-founder Sarah Potempa said in an interview with Allure. Basically, it strengthens hair from the inside out, so it's less prone to damage from heat styling or exposure to summer's harsher elements (like lots of sunlight, saltwater, or chlorine pools).

And for the not-so-natural blondes, the Make Waves collection also debuts two blonde haircare products, the BRB Blonde Purple Shampoo and BRB Blonde Purple Conditioner, $28 per tube. They'll restore brightness to your color-treated hair and banish brassy tones, while the strengthening complex conditions and softens hair as it's toned. Not only will your color look salon-fresh, but your strands will also stand up to heat styling better, for waves that look effortlessly beautiful.

Bonus: All of the Make Waves Collection products are packaged in recyclable bottles that are crafted from sustainable sugar cane resin whenever possible, and the products themselves are free from potentially harmful toxins, including parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and more. It's part of Beachwaver's commitment to more sustainable practices that protect the earth — and you.

Summer's heating up, so make sure your hair's up to the task by shopping Beachwaver's brand-new collection below.