This Jewelry Trend From 1997 Is Back For Summer

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If you were one to pull out your puka shell anklet at the start of every summer in the '90s, you've probably been ecstatic about the throwback accessory returning over the past few years. On the other hand, if you're skeptical about the anklet trend coming back, don't fret, there are plenty of other options besides oversized seashells. With variations ranging from dainty, barely noticeable chains to colorful beads, there's a style that fits just about every sartorial taste. But if you need further proof, just look to influencers for reassurance.

By now, you've probably noticed that the accessory is different today than when you wore it the first time around. "Anklets during the '90s were considered mostly a girlish beach accessory, usually made of shells and colored strings," Marianna Derizioti, founder of Mayol Jewelry, tells TZR. "Anklets today have upgraded into a chic, all-year-long accessory. They are made from more expensive materials like pearls, semi-precious stones, or delicate chains." Derizioti says anklets remind her of the choker comeback, as both trends evolved into delicate, high-fashion interpretations.

And while shells aren't the only style on the market, the resurging popularity did ontribute to the return of anklets. "I think that anklets slowly resurfaced in 2018 during the puka shell mania, but mostly as a summer accessory," Derizioti explains. "2020 on the other hand is definitely the year of the anklet comeback. Anklets have been repeatedly spotted during major fashion shows and street styles as an essential everyday accessory. It's officially considered not only a beach accessory, but an element that instantly elevates the whole outfit."

Whether you're a minimalist or maximalist, below find 12 ways to wear an anklet (or two) this summer.

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Anklet Trend: Channel You Inner Child

Channel your inner child by bringing back your colorful beaded anklet. Keep the rest of your feet loud and kid like, because who doesn't want to relive the good old days?

Anklet Trend: Add A Gilded Touch

Add a snazzy touch to your ultra-chic animal print sandals by adding a gold anklet into the mix. If you're worried about coming off overly trendy, consider sticking to neutrals for your attire.

Anklet Trend: Couple With A Summery Set

An anklet is all you need to polish off your summery set. Take your accessorizing game to the next level by matching your earrings to your anklet and tying a scarf in your hair.

Anklet Trend: Mix Trends

Square-toe heels are cool enough on their own, but to really amp up the look, couple the shoe with an exciting charm anklet. Your feet will never look trendier.

Anklet Trend: Balance Out A Sleek Sandal

A chunky anklet balances out a minimal, 'barely there' sandal. Remain elevated throughout your look by opting for leather shorts.

Anklet Trend: Start Off With A Minimal Option

If you're a minimalist, start out with a super dainty anklet. It'll give your look a chic addition without looking too flashy.

Anklet Trend: Wear It With Loafers

Anklets and sandals go together like bread and butter, however you don't have to pair the jewelry with a sandal. Adding a chunky link anklet to your loafer makes the shoe appear more relaxed.

Anklet Trend: Minimal On The Bottom

Skip the pants and shoes and instead couple an anklet with funky bikini bottoms and a matching top. You'll be stylish outside soaking up the sun or inside eating pasta.

Anklet Trend: Pair The Jewelry With Your Dad Sneakers

You don't need a pair of sandals to rock the anklet trend this summer. If sneakers are more your speed, offset the chunky silhouette with a dainty anklet.

Anklet Trend: Rainbow Feet

Lift your mood by wearing (almost) every color of the rainbow. For double the fun, wear lively anklets on both feet.

Anklet Trend: Opt For Two Of The Same Anklet

If you're over the moon about the anklet trend, buy two of the same style and wear them on both feet. For the rest of your jewelry, stick around the same sleek gold aesthetic.

Anklet Trend: Add An Element Of Surprise

Show a subtle flash of your anklet under your maxi dress — it'll be an unexpected surprise.

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