This '80s Legging Trend Looks Unexpectedly Expensive


Tracksuits were the it-piece worn while jogging in the '70s. During the '80s, athleisure looks consisted of bright leotards over equally vivid skin-tight Spandex paired with leg warmers and scrunchies. And in the '90s, women continued to wear leotards over tights to their step classes, but in bold prints. Through the years, many of these sporty styles have returned, most recently the neon '80s legging trend has made a comeback. But, don't worry, you don't have to wear leg warmers with the bottoms.

If you've seen an influx of influencers wearing bright pink, turquoise, or yellow spandex leggings on Instagram, odds are they are from Istanbul-based label Cult Form. While these '80s style workout pants are coming back today, Merve Abedan, founder of the brand, says that leggings in general have never left our daily lives. "They have been in our lives since the '40s to '80s to nowadays, in different forms, colors and textures," she explains. "In these times, one of the most forefront reasons for tights being preferred as a clothing piece is due to this period in which our priority is the search of comfort." Another reason for the return of neon leggings could be the need to add bright, cheerful colors into our wardrobes during this uncertain year.

Whether you're working out or looking for a fun, comfortable outfit for getting down to work, give an '80s inspired legging a try. Ahead, find eight outfit ideas to get you inspired.

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How To Wear The '80s Legging Trend: Comfortable Separates

Bright leggings can give your cozy staples a cool element. Try pairing your knits, like a cardigan and beanie, with the athletic bottoms.

How To Wear The '80s Legging Trend: Dress It Up

Swap out the trousers in your suit set for a vivid pair of Spandex leggings. To allow the tights to take the spotlight, pair them with subtle pastel colors.

How To Wear The '80s Legging Trend: Matching Set

Breaking a sweat on your lunch break? Opt for a bright tangerine set to get you moving. When you're not working out, consider pairing the bottoms with an oversized button-down and casual sneakers.

How To Wear The '80s Legging Trend: Pair With Neutrals

Give your sporty yellow leggings a polished feel by styling them with chic ballet flats. For your top, stick to the same color scheme and opt for a chic off-the-shoulder style.

How To Wear The '80s Legging Trend: Coordinate Your Whole Look

If you're one to incorporate bright hues throughout your whole look, match your leggings with your top and shoes. Ground the colorful ensemble with an oversized white blazer.

How To Wear The '80s Legging Trend:

Modernize an '80s-inspired ensemble with a printed puffer jacket and rich yellow leggings. Give the outfit an edgy touch with cool, chunky boots.

How To Wear The '80s Legging Trend: Errand Ready

Grabbing a coffee at your local cafe? Take advantage of the excuse to look cute by coupling a long lightweight rain jacket and chunky boots with your punchy orange leggings.

How To Wear The '80s Legging Trend: Casual Cool

Instead of leg warmers, couple a bright legging with white tube socks and sneakers. Even if you're not hitting the gym, your feet will thank you. Complete the sporty ensemble with a crewneck sweatshirt resting on your arms.