Our Editors Made This Simple Change To Prioritize Fitness In The New Year


At the dawn of a new year, it's a common practice to consider ways to become an even better version of yourself, often taking into consideration how you care for your body — both inside and out. But since the pandemic started, some have found this to be a bit more challenging than usual, though arguably more important than ever. This struggle is particularly evident in TZR staff's 2021 fitness goals, which focus on ways to recommit to a routine or stay motivated despite the obstacles.

Digital workouts are better and more accessible than ever before and creating home fitness spaces (stylish upgrades included) has also become a major wellness trend of late. But even with the latest technology and coolest props, it can be hard to stay on track without clearly set goals in mind — even if it's just starting with baby steps (like short daily walks). That said, if you've found yourself looking to prioritize fitness in the new year, the TZR staff's personal resolutions might just inspire some of your own. Ahead, learn a bit more about how our editors and writers are pushing themselves (or pulling back, in some cases) to strengthen their bodies and calm their minds in the process.

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2021 Fitness Goals: Schedule It In

Like many of you, beauty writer Sara Spruch-Feiner has found herself struggling with consistency lately. "I have finally found a couple workouts I enjoy (Melissa Wood Health, Peloton rides, and yoga), but don't actually build them into my schedule in any kind of routine way," she admits. "So, with what is likely to be a few more months at home, I'm hoping to build a routine."

One option to make workouts seem more like a priority is by literally adding it to the calendar — just like your work meetings — which is a strategy lifestyle writer Ashley Tibbits is employing. "My two favorite instructors — Leah Schlackman and Mandee Miller — both offer some fantastic online options, but it's on me to stay motivated to practice," she explains. "I know how good it feels to finish a workout, especially when you're in the mindset that you're too busy (that's when I need it the most!) so while it's also important to give yourself forgiveness and leeway in tough times, I am ready to hold myself accountable for an increase in activity and I plan to do so by setting calendar reminders and setting timers so I always know that that's my sacred time."

2021 Fitness Goals: Get Outside

Feeling stuck inside? If you're still not able to get your cardio at the gym, follow lifestyle writer Anna Buckman's lead and give running a try. "I took up running this year, and while it's hard, I love it," she says. "It helps my mental health immensely, and it's a great excuse to leave the house for a little while after work every day. My goal in 2021 is to get faster and run further — I'm currently doing a pretty easy three miles, but I'd love to be able to do double that with no problem by the end of the year."

2021 Fitness Goals: Stick With It

"For me, it’s about being regular in taking the time to be healthy, not only for physical well-being, but also mental," says Editorial Director Kathy Lee. "Last year, I biked to and from work and committed to a run or workout class — favorite being New York Pilates’ Abs Arms Abs — two to three times a week. In the same vein, my goal is to set aside three times a week for myself, although it’s looking more like quick at-home exercises with my favorite app, Nike Training Club, or a self-guided yoga session."

And fashion writer Danielle Naer made a similar goal of sticking to a regular routine. "With gyms closed and workout classes moved online, we've all faced profound changes to the ways we formerly chose to stay active," she says. "For me, the shift allowed me to try some new things — like online pilates classes (a favorite being Jacqui Kingswell's) and ankle weights. This year, I'm planning on creating a weekly schedule for the things I've enjoyed the most: Daily running/walking in intervals, alternated with kickboxing and pilates, all of which can be stepped up with the addition of resistance bands and weights."

2021 Fitness Goals: Include More Mental Health Practices

"Since quarantine began, I've lost 30 pounds through intermittent fasting, increased workouts, and just being better to myself overall," shares beauty writer Blake Newby. "In 2021, I want to continue that journey, and shed the few more pounds I have to go before reaching my goal weight. I plan on beginning to incorporate yoga, not only for increased flexibility, but also as something that can calm my mind and aid in decreasing my already fervent anxiety."

2021 Fitness Goals: Know When To Slow Down

Fitness goals aren't always about pushing past resistance: For Senior Fashion Editor Aemilia Madden, listening to her body actually means knowing when to scale back. "I'm recovering from an injury and I miss running so much," she says. "Though I'm antsy to get back to working out, my goal is actually to slow down and give myself time to recover. Hopefully in 2021 I'll be able to move my body injury free!"

2021 Fitness Goals: Mix It Up

"For years, my fitness routine consisted of mostly cardio but at 35, I've realized the importance of adding some strength training and variation to my fitness routine," explains Deputy Editor Angela Melero, whose most recent obsession is Barre3's online classes. "In just 45 minutes, I work up a sweat with their workouts that combine mindfulness, strength conditioning, and cardio."

2021 Fitness Goals: Start Small & Sustainably

One way to be sure you'll stick to a goal is making sure it's a sustainable one in the first place. That's the case for fashion writer Kelsey Stewart who's committed to regular walks in the new year. "To be honest, I've had a really hard time finding the motivation to work out over the past year," she says. "But in 2021, I'm looking to change that. I'm planning on starting slow by taking long walks with my puppy, and then working my way up to running a few times a week."