The Beauty Resolutions TZR Editors Are Setting For 2021


In the past, your New Year's resolutions might have been a bit of a flop. You started strong in January by flossing every day and swapping your afternoon coffee for water, but by mid-March, you forgot what these intentions even were in the first place. Sound familiar? For the upcoming year, consider setting simple goals (with long-term effects) that you'll actually stick to, for instance, a few 2021 beauty resolutions. To assist with a couple ideas, team TZR share what they're looking to address in the new year.

After all, you probably had ample time over the past 12 months to reflect on your current beauty habits and evaluate ways you can improve them. But, with that said, you don't have to completely switch up your daily regimen. Start with baby steps by slowly introducing a few new products into your routine as well as treating different areas of concern, and you'll be well on your way to a healthier you. Ahead, from their skin care to makeup routines, find the beauty resolutions these editors and writers are setting for 2021.

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2021 Beauty Resolution: Don't Forget Your Neck

"One area I've been neglecting during my beauty routine is skin care on my neck and décolleté. Esthetician Joanna Czech always notes that 'your face starts at the nipples and ends at the hairline.' So, time for me to give much needed attention to that area starting in 2021." — Kathy Lee, Editorial Director

2021 Beauty Resolution: Start Taking Supplements

"I've definitely been noticing some loss in vitality and collagen in my 35-year-old complexion over the past year or so. I made the decision to be more diligent about taking supplements and caring for my skin, hair, and body from the inside out. I've been taking these chocolate supplements by Sourse which are infused with plant-based collagen to help give my complexion a boost and much-needed glow" — Angela Melero, Deputy Editor

2021 Beauty Resolution: Research & Educate

"Since I'm just entering my 30s, my goal is to do a bit more to educate myself on taking care of my skin. I wear sunscreen and lotion, but otherwise, I don't feel super well informed about what acids, creams, and serums I should be using. I'm committed to doing the extra research before I buy any new beauty products." — Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor

2021 Beauty Resolution: Stick To A Dermatologist-Approved Routine

"To the surprise of many, I've never actually had, and stuck, to a strict dermatologist's regimen. In 2021, I not only want to find a trusty dermatologist that I can turn to, but also make an effort to see them in-office at least once a month. Far too many times have I tried to treat my own skin ailments and failed miserably, and in the new year, I'm going to leave it to the pros. Skin experimentation has been an enlightening journey, but it's time for this beauty girl to find some stability." — Blake Newby, Beauty Writer

2021 Beauty Resolution: Stop Forgetting Sunscreen

"My most toxic beauty trait is often forgetting to put on sunscreen. Yes, I should certainly know better by now. However, my goal for 2021 is to get into the habit of applying it every morning with the rest of my skin care products. To get a head start on my New Year's goal, I've been consistently using Sobel Skin Rx's 100% Mineral Based Broad Spectrum SPF 50 over the past few weeks, and I'm already loving the lightweight formula." — Kelsey Stewart, Fashion & Beauty Writer

2021 Beauty Resolution: Start Using Retinol

"I'm 27, and just started noticing fine forehead lines and deep nasolabial lines. Post-quarantine I might opt for filler or Botox, but for now I'm experimenting with retinol to see if it can help smooth out the transition for me (literally). It's tempting to try as many new beauty products as possible as someone in the industry, though, so sticking to a retinol formula and routine to really see if it works is my 2021 plan." — Madge Maril, Beauty Writer

2021 Beauty Resolution: Facial Toning Exercises

"I'm entering a (cough cough) new decade of life this year and to be honest it's hard not to obsess over and become insecure about physical changes! That said, an overarching goal of mine will be to try to be more accepting of these changes while still allowing myself the pleasure of self-care that beauty products, techniques, and tools have always offered me. Facial toning and exercising is something I've gotten super into lately — both for tension release and improved firmness — so, for 2021, I aim to stay on top of my daily NuFace usage and facial yoga moves!" — Ashley Tibbits, Lifestyle Writer

2021 Beauty Resolution: Indulge In Beauty Regimens

"My new years resolution is to spend more time on taking care of myself and indulging in self-care and beauty routines. 2020 was the first year I've ever had enough time to do things like fix my hair in the morning, give myself weekly manicures, and take regular bubble baths, and it made me feel so much better. My goal is to not let those things slide again, even if and when 'normal' life resumes." — Anna Buckman, Lifestyle Writer

2021 Beauty Resolution: Prioritize Self-Care

"My 2021 beauty resolution is two-fold — I want to first, slow down. I really believe that a thorough skincare routine doesn't have to take long—and yet, I could stand to take a few extra minutes for self-care. One way I plan to actually do this is to try to use my skin care tools more! Whether it's a high-tech gadget like ZIIP or a manual tool like Wildling's gua sha tool (the Empress Stone), I think taking the five to 15 minutes to actually do some facial massage or treatment will be a much-needed meditative addition to the new year." — Sara Spruch-Feiner, Beauty Writer

2021 Beauty Resolution: Swap Out Your Go-To Makeup

"2020 was all about nailing down a consistent skin care routine — the down time allowed me to troubleshoot new products and finally learn all about my skin's likes and dislikes. In 2021, I'm committing myself to makeup. I'll be trying bolder lips, paring down on my go-to, full-coverage foundation look, and ditching jet black liquid liners in lieu of muted, smokey browns, á la Hung Vanngo." — Danielle Naer, Fashion Writer