The Shopping Habit Team TZR Is Giving Up In 2020

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I don't believe in resolutions. Well, not the line-in-the-sand, chained-to-a-commitment kind. I do believe in setting intentions, in thoughtfully pondering my place in the world and how I can make better of it. In past years I've strived to be kinder to myself, to do more yoga, to call my mom more than once a week. For 2020, I challenged team TZR to set fashion resolutions that they could share with others looking for a little inspiration for the new year.

The goal in doing so is to spark conversations about some of the larger issues in the fashion industry: How can we be more mindful when we shop? Can we support brands that support diversity, sustainability, and fair business practices? What is the best way to participate in the trend cycle? Also how can we still have fun getting dressed? Below, we hope to answer our own fashion questions (at least in part) with our plans in the new year. Though each member of the team picked their resolution all on their own, you'll see that there are a few key things TZR hopes to change in the next 365 days and beyond.

Lauren Caruso, Site Director

I spend an inordinate amount of time online shopping, which is a necessary (and favorite) part of my job, but I spent a lot of this year implementing mandatory month-long shopping freezes once per quarter to help me cut down on impulse buys. For 2020, I plan to add in another quarterly challenge: In one month, I can buy whatever my budget allows; in another month, I can't buy anything at all; and during the last month, I can only buy vintage. Montreal-based online vintage shop Singulier is my go-to favorite — I can always find something I love, like this vintage Prada bag.

Aidan Macaluso, Senior Social Editor

I'm trying to streamline my wardrobe in 2020 by investing in more core basics. This means more neutral staples, and less trend-focused pieces I'll only get a few months wear out of.

Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor

A natural shift I've noticed over the past year that I'd like to focus on more intentionally is finding ways to support emerging fashion brands that I believe in. There are so many young, talented designers that not only benefit from shopping, but also from my showing up — visiting their pop-ups, sharing their work on social media. I'm putting more intention behind spreading the word in 2020.

Mecca James-Williams, Contributing Senior Style Editor

One fashion resolution for myself is no more canvas totes. I have carried totes forever, and accumulated way too many. Living in NYC, it is very common to carry a tote bag to fit your work computer as well as a handbag for your personal items. For 2020, I want to merge the two! In hopes of enhancing my closet and getting rid of clutter, my goal is to find a few beautiful work bags that elevate my wardrobe and are multi-functional. I have recently fallen in love with a minimal Copenhagen bag brand called Aesther Ekme. They are so chic, classic, and fairly priced.

Anna Buckman, Beauty News Editor

"I pretty much solely wear neutral basics, so in 2020, my goal is to start investing in quality basics that will last me through the next decade and give my outfits a little more polish."

Kelsey Stewart, Editorial Assistant

In 2020, my goal is to incorporate more unique, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces into my wardrobe. Some accounts I follow on Instagram that have incredible finds I'm eager to buy are Singulier MTL, Room Shop Vintage, and Mirth Vintage.

Khalea Underwood, Beauty Editor

One resolution, three words: Own more Chanel. My bank account will hate me, but I'd like to start investing in quality accessories that I can pass down to my children one day.

Ryan Gale, Assistant Market Editor

I'm saying goodbye to my traditional nylon puffer and hello to the Alexander Wang's contemporary denim bleached puffer jacket!It's sporty, it's chic, it's me!

Shelby Hyde, Shopping News Editor

I'm not usually one for resolutions, but for the new year, my goal is to wear more heels. Being a New Yorker, I've gotten into the habit of basically living in sneakers and flats but 2020 is all about getting back into shoes that have some sort of heel (over two inches).

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