The Unexpected Color Trend That’s Going To Take Over Your Holiday Décor


Deck the halls with boughs of... darkness? Not exactly the traditional lyrics, but it's in line with the top holiday 2018 color trend according to CB2: black. If you're confused (and maybe a little alarmed) by the moody choice, CB2 made an unarguably solid case for black holiday décor on its blog and through its 2018 decoration collection — so keep your mind open, and as CB2 writes on the blog, "hear us out."

CB2 selected a handful of art directors and stylists to create three black holiday décor looks over on CB2 Idea Central, positing that black serves as the modern stylist's "ultimate base" — so no, CB2 hasn't turned itself into a black-drenched gothic castle. The artists approached the trend from three color palettes: lush black and green, bright black and primary, and stark black and white, using an equally light hand on the dark color for each design. Through each room and palette, black holiday décor is used as accents to an overall luxurious festive aesthetic.

Seeing the color trend used in multiple ways will get you excited to try it out for yourself. While all three palettes are impeccable (would you expect anything less from CB2?), the black and white space is the minimalist holiday décor inspiration you may have been craving. It strikes the right balance of clean and merry, and will work in any space regardless of lighting or wall color.


Plant owners won't need to stash away their succulents to make way for the Christmas tree this year. CB2 invited Cornell Florist co-owner Amanda El-Khoury to design arrangements that work with the dark decorations, proving once again that plants and minimalist décor is a match made in heaven. El-Khoury uses organic touches, like purple calla lilies or light eucalyptus, to help build a lively third dimension upon the black décor's foundation.

No green thumb? Decorate one of CB2's faux cedar wreaths with dark flowers like El-Khoury, but of the silk variety. The realistic 18 inch wreath only costs $49.95, and won't shed pine needles everywhere as it dries out. Or, just pick up CB2's black and white artificial berry wreath for $59.95; the natural monochromatic palette fits right into the décor trend.


When looking at the shade of black used by CB2 for its décor, the brand doesn't hit just one note. Variances in texture, shine, and material are worked to make black as interesting as a holiday metallic and as inviting as red or green. This lets you build up as much of a the dark decor in your space as you please without weighing down the environment.

Work with the different types of black décor CB2 offers to create your holiday space. Set your dining room table with CB2's modern matte black dinnerware ($7.95 per dinner plate), then arrange a dark gray marble tree as a centerpiece. The 11 inch tree retails at $49.95, with the lighter black shade and marble texture an ideal counterweight to the dark flat color of the dinnerware.

CB2 succeeded in incorporating this nontraditional holiday color into so many of the decorations you need for the season. So whether you're ready to cover your home in black holiday décor or only want a few accent pieces, continue scrolling to shop nine dark decorations from CB2.