Tarte Launched A New Multi-Use Highlighter & It’s Going To Bring Your Dewy Glow To The Next Level


As far as beauty trends go, some are frankly more trouble than they're worth. Following a 10-plus step skin care routine to achieve the currently buzzy crystal-clear glass-skin look just might be one of them, especially if you consider yourself more of a beauty minimalist. But what if you were told you could get the look with one product alone, and without disrupting your entire beauty regime? The secret's in tarte's new Skin Gloss Glass Highlighter, the lightweight multi-gloss that'll give you glowy, dewy, glass-like skin with just a few swipes of your finger.

Just like many other Korean beauty trends, the glass skin look quickly took the skin care world by storm. But with several steps and serious dedication required to achieve the look of skin so refined and glowy that it appears translucent like glass, it may feel less than realistic for you to replicate. That is, until tarte totally hacked the trend with a single product that you apply during your makeup routine — and it's so easy to use.

The brand-new skin gloss glass highlighter, $16, presents a new way to get in on that super-luminous, wet skin look by way of a multi-purpose face gloss that instantly makes you look lit-from-within wherever it's applied. The lightweight gel formula is filled with fine, shimmery golden pigment and has a high-shine finish that manages to add an incredibly dewy sheen to skin with no greasy, slick look or feel. It's the secret to getting glass skin, no 10-step routine required.

Oh and the best part of tarte's new product? There are no brushes, makeup sponges or other applicators required. In fact, the formula works its best when applied with just your fingers; the warmth of your skin will make the gel melt like butter and blend seamlessly into your skin, which is exactly what you want for that translucent, dewy face effect.

Use tarte's skin gloss like a traditional highlighter on the high points of your face, including cheekbones, bridge of nose, and cupids bow, or slick it across your lids for an editorial wet eye look. You can even blend it onto exposed collarbones or dab it onto your lips to give them a gorgeous, high-shine glow. And FYI, a little goes a long way — but if you really want to turn up the drama, use the gloss in tandem with a powder highlighter for a super-strobed effect.

Score tarte's effortless answer to the glass skin look below, and get your shine on (literally).