This Sustainable Accessories Brand Cares About Your Karmic Energy


Every action has an equal or opposite reaction. Fast fashion, for example, can lead to goods that do damage to the environment. On the other hand, shopping quality brands with responsible business models will leave a positive impact on the planet (and yield pieces that will last through years of wear). For sustainable accessories brand, SIX-REALMS, it's all about karma. The Toronto-based brand is a well-intentioned eyewear and handbag label that's quite new to the market. And after making their official debut in December 2019, they're proving to be the brand to watch this year.

Their namesake comes from the Sanskrit word "Saṃsāra," which is the concept of the material worlds' life cycle. It suggests that that the present reflects the past, and the future reflects the present — therefore, the choices we are constantly making are coming full circle. In step with this, SIX-REALMS is aware of their own karma, making sustainability a crucial pillar of their business. "To SIX-REALMS, sustainable means an eco-conscious business model that focuses on lessening our carbon footprint and designing/handcrafting products in a way that is not harmful to our planet," shares Derrick Liu, the mastermind behind the brand. To do this, the brand is using cruelty-free materials and using as little plastic as possible in their packaging. "We also focus on growing our brand organically while keeping small batch production to ensure quality."

The brand currently has four different handbags on offer and six different sunglasses. The illusory "Satori" line features "classic and minimalist-shaped bags that suspend from metal frames and create the 'floating' effect," according to Liu, and is inspired by contemporary furniture designs of Kartell. The classic rectangular shaped purse is available in Dark Pearl and Oak. While their "Satori Moon" bags (in Oak and Ink), have a distinct curvature that offset it even further from its metal frame. Each of the six sunnies has a different hue and shape from the next — the Kalpa make serves a more angular look, whereas the Karma body has a lens as spherical as the concept it's named for.

Whatever you're after, shop a selection of SIX-REALMS looks below, or head to the site for the full collection.