10 Celebrity-Approved Nail Polish Colors To Wear All Summer Long

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For taking up such a small percentage of your body, your fingernails can say a surprising amount about your personality. Rainbow colors are typically an indication that someone is bubbly or bold, while black can be interpreted as somewhat of a political statement (especially if you're Meghan Markle). Each season yields a whole new palette of hues, so see which nail polish colors celebrities are obsessing over this summer, ahead.

In a world full of eclectic aesthetics, mutual adoration for a good manicure is something we all have in common. You know by the celebrity manicurists you follow on Instagram that painting nails is no child's play these days. But you don't need intricate emojis and poetry written across your fingers like Cardi B for your manicure to be considered top-quality. A simple nude will do, just ask Gigi Hadid.

Between subtle neutrals and bold neons, this summer's nail color trends span from each end of the color spectrum. Whether you're in the market for some statement nails for the weekend or you're looking to keep it professional for work, there's an abundance of pretty hues to choose from.

Guess it's time to book that next appointment with your manicurist.


Orange has been all the rage since spring, so perhaps it's time take this trend to the top by matching your nail color to your monochrome. Tangerine everything.

Metallic Gold

There's a little bit of diva in all of us ... and for Tracee Ellis Ross, maybe there's a lot. If we can't have the Cartier we desparately desire, then, well, we'll just have to settle for these metallic-gold nails.

Pastel Pink

These aren't the pink nails you wore in middle school. The 2019 version of this timeless hue is a soft pastel blush, according to RHW.

Classic Black

Black nails will never go out of style. These days, you don't have to go all goth-chic to enjoy them, either. Even Khloé Kardashian and Meghan Markle have given them a try.

Summer White

The old "no white after Labor Day" rule still applies to your manicure, it seems. There's about a two-month window when this hue is acceptible, so take advantage stat.

Neon Yellow

Neons are arguably 2019's most popular color trend and that goes for nails, too. The model crew (Kaia Gerber included) has given it their stamp of approval.


This pale pinkish purple shade is a winner for your summer weddings. It's subtle, yet colorful, and is guaranteed to pair well with everything in your wardrobe.

Sheer Nude

A good manicure doesn't have to mean bright colors and intricate artwork. Summertime is all about going au naturel, and that goes for the it-girls and the busy moms alike.

Bright Red

File this one under nail colors that will be cool forever. When has a red nail ever been out of style? It's the one shade that daring dressers and reserved professionals can both agree on.

Lime Green

Speaking of neon: Kendall Jenner and Rihanna have both debuted lime-green nails this summer, which means you can, too.