Summer Fridays Just Dropped A New Lip Treatment You Can Wear 24/7

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Summer Fridays' new Lip Butter Balm.
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Leave it to Summer Fridays to start preparing you for, well, a certain day of the week during a certain sunnier season. On March 30, Summer Fridays' new Lip Butter Balm arrived on the skincare brand's website — only a handful of weeks after its first-ever cleanser (or, as it's known by fans, the Super Amino Gel Cleanser). However, unlike the launch that came before it, this versatile $22 lip balm can live both in your bathroom cabinet or tossed into your favorite purse.

After all, it's not your everyday lip treatment. There are two main ways beauty fans can use the Lip Butter Balm for themselves — the first being as a regular, on-the-go lip balm (the .5-ounce tube comes in handy here). For more hydration, though, you can layer on the Lip Butter Balm as a moisturizing overnight mask before you sleep; the vegan wax blend functions like a barrier on your lips, sealing in moisture that could've been lost while you snooze.

Either way, the product coats your lips in glossy, protective hydration around the clock. "Like a balm/mask hybrid, this vegan lip treatment delivers both instant moisture and overnight TLC. Your lips will be on cloud nine!" noted a quote from Summer Fridays' Founders, Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland, on the product page.

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Shoppers should note what the formula leaves out, as well. Not only is the Lip Butter Balm free of synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, and parabens — a once-popular lip treatment ingredient — but it's cruelty free and vegan on top of that. (Additionally, the Lip Butter Balm has the Clean at Sephora stamp of approval.) But while there may be no synthetic fragrance involved, the Lip Butter Balm does have a light vanilla scent, thanks to the vanillin found on its ingredient list.

Since, if you're going to be wearing this lip balm 24/7, it might as well smell amazing, too. You can shop the Lip Butter Balm on SummerFridays.com, or snag it by shopping online on Sephora.com or the Sephora app.

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