Instead Of Your Usual Coconut, Try Burning This Summer Candle Scent Instead


Candles are one of those small details of a home that can actually make a big impact. For one, they provide a little more warmth, personality, and perhaps even a pop of color to any space. But besides their visual appeal, there's the ability the scent has to completely transport you to a different place — which is especially helpful for those who aren't really able to leave their homes this summer. And just as you crave new flavors for different seasons, your sense of smell may desire different fragrances than it did a few months ago. That said, some of the best summer candle scents to try right now could also be a bit more out-of-the-box.

The beauty of fragrance is that it's such a personal purchase. Quintessential scents for summer will be different for everyone. Maybe your mind goes straight to the tropical scent of sunblock from your youth. Or maybe you think of a crisp, fresh linen, reminiscent of a seaside hotel where you'd spend your vacation. But there may also be a scent that you never expected would take you on a mental getaway (for those of you who aren't heading out of town anytime soon) or a nostalgic trip down memory lane with just one whiff.

Some of the most popular candle companies have shared their ideal summer scents with The Zoe Report — and their picks might just surprise you. From a continuously selling-out Black-owned brand to a California classic, these four fragrance-forward businesses offer unique, yet totally seasonal options just waiting for you to discover. Ahead, find intel from Kristen Pumphrey, Owner and Creative Director of P.F. Candle Co., Tay Watts, Chief Chandler at Posh Candle Co., Matthew Herman, Co-Founder of Boy Smells, and Lillian Beitzel, Director of Sales for Brooklyn Candle Studio and then shop the scent that will help make staying inside this summer just a little bit more enjoyable — or at least offer a little refresh.

Summer Candle Scents: P.F. Candle Co.

Summer Candle Scents: Posh Candle Co.

Summer Candle Scents: Boy Smells

Summer Candle Scents: Brooklyn Candle Studio