Onion Bulb Extract Is One Of Several Unique Ingredients In Starface’s Newest Launch

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Courtesy of Starface
Starface's newest drop is an exfoliating water.
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Exfoliants are like the windshield wipers of the skin. They aim to slough your face of dead cells and grime, leaving you with a glowing, baby soft complexion. But not all of them are created equal, and they can be bad news for folks who are prone to breakouts, redness, or irritation if you don't choose wisely. To simplify your selection, Starface's Exfoliating Night Water is entering the realm to make a far friendlier name for your classic DIY chemical peel and exfoliator, especially for those who deal with acne.

The top dispenser bottle lands today donning the brand's trademark happy-go-lucky yellow packaging. Designed with a no-mess pump applicator, the $11.99 price tag is somewhat of an anomaly among competing exfoliating liquids that are usually far more expensive. And, speaking of competition, the ingredients included are pretty unique compared to what's on the market right now, too.

In taking a glance at the ingredients, you'll most likely recognize tried-and-true skin-saving ingredients like alpha and beta hydroxy acids, but poly hydroxy acid (PHA) might be a new name for you. The brand got this chemical exfoliant involved to help soothe and reduce inflammation, along with other gentle exfoliants like white willow bark and citric acid, the former stimulating new cells and the latter helping you balance your skin's pH.

Courtesy of Starface

But, arguably the most interesting ingredient in the mix is onion bulb extract. Its purpose is to fade the appearance of scars and marks — common reactions that follow the healing of a blemish. All these elements packed into one bottle make this liquid a suitable candidate for your nighttime routine.

However, when introducing the exfoliant into your lineup, you'll want to apply a pump or two from this bottle on a cotton pad directly after cleansing (preferably with Starface's Space Wash). Follow up with your go-to moisturizer and let things get to work overnight.

Pick up a bottle of this radiance-boosting formula to add to your evening routine, below.

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