This Insta-Favorite Pimple Patch Brand Just Launched A Totally New Category

Courtesy of Starface
Starface's newest product is a face wash catered specifically to people with acne-prone skin.

What's almost more irritating than frequently waking up with breakouts are the products you get bombarded with, telling you to scrub, peel, and dry out your skin within an inch of its life. Even though acne-prone skin is a reality for a ton of people, the lingo still used to discuss it is still pretty negative, which is why the launch of Starface's new Space Wash cleanser is so important for your acne and how acne is talked about.

Available on Starface's website on May 13, Space Wash Foaming Face Wash ($16) is the second type of product launched from this pimple-positive brand after its Insta-famous Hydro-Stars. The new cleanser's aim is to simplify your acne-care routine by giving you a formula that won't anger your skin. “When you have acne, face wash is hard to find, and identifying one that [doesn't] aggravate the breakouts you have or cause more is surprisingly difficult. The goal was to make the ultimate face wash for that skin — they’re not all for acne," says Julie Schott, the co-founder and CEO of Starface on a phone call with The Zoe Report.

To do that, the brand chose ingredients like white willow bark, sage leaf extract, chamomilla recutita flower extract, holy basil extract, and calendula to help heal, reduce inflammation, prevent infection, and clean pores. The wash also cuts out a factor that isn't really talked about with acne care — the scent. Even if "unscented" is on the label, there's still often that odd fragrance in many products: "[It's not] necessarily vanilla, but it smells," Schott says laughing.

Courtesy of Starface

You won't find this weirdness in Space Wash; the formula is clean, according to the rules laid down by Target, Credo, and Sephora — standards which Schott says eliminates a lot of the cleansers (and weird "unscented" smells) that you're probably used to growing up with over the years. But even sans most conventional ingredients, you still get that satisfying clean feeling and a very ~scientific~ amount of foam with Starface's face wash. "We literally measured the width of the suds," Schott says of testing the product.

I got the chance to try the new cleanser, and what I personally loved about it (other than the fact that, yes, it truly is unscented) is how, like the brand's pimple patches, it makes acne care feel fun — something I've never experienced when treating my own. While skincare products tend to look clinical, Starface's highlighter yellow bottle with bubble letters almost feels rebellious. Plus, small details like directions that say "Squeeze a lil blob" come across so much friendlier when I'm dealing with a breakout than phrases like "cleanse your impurities." It doesn't make pimples feel dirty or bad, which is new to me — and something this cleanser is definitely helping me appreciate.

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