Sephora's Best-Selling Makeup Products Are Reflective Of 2019's Hugest Trend

Huda Beauty

Whenever the year comes to end, we look back and reminisce on everything we did for the last 12 months. Take, for instance: the top songs we listened to (thanks, Spotify Wrapped), the fun memories we had (looking at you, Instagram archives), which fashion trends we experimented with, and the beauty products we wore. 2019's bestselling makeup products at Sephora, as pulled from the site's Bestsellers category, displays where the beauty industry gravitated towards from January down to December — all things bold.

"I saw a lot of looks using neon colors, earthy brown monotone shades, and lots of graphic eyeliner," Mai Quynh, celebrity makeup artist, tells The Zoe Report. Those examples are reflective of the strong creative expressions popular within our generation — and the art isn't just limited to the confines of a piece of paper or an easel. "I think people get bored and are experimenting more with colors, textures, and also placement of where products go," Quynh says. The colorful makeup trends are, in part, influenced by HBO's Euphoria, where the teens show up to school everyday in bold, vibrant liner and eyeshadow. Now, the intense beauty trend is everywhere (including the runway).

Ahead, see eight of Sephora's products that are still flying off the shelves. And if you didn't try them this year, then you still have a few days to add them to your list of resolutions.