Salma Hayek Debuted A Subtle Hair Color Refresh That’ll Have You Dreaming Of Your Next Appointment

Gotham/FilmMagic/Getty Images
Salma Hayek recently dyed her own hair at home just in time for summer.

If anything, quarantine has been proof that everyone has their own inner hair colorist. And while some people have decided it's probably best to leave the brush and bleach to the salons, many stars have provided picture perfect examples for the past two seasons of all you can do at home. While spring was commandeered by pink 'dos, celebs are opting to go light and bright for summer and Salma Hayek's new highlights are all the inspiration you need for doing your own warm weather-ready DIY dye job.

On June 16, Hayek posted a picture on Instagram featuring a side-by-side comparison of her hair before and after she dyed it. Her selfie pre-dye job has her hair pulled back into a messy bun with dark black roots framing her face, and her after image shows a gorgeous set of warm, caramel-brown highlights laced throughout.

While her hair was clearly stunning before, the final result is an ideal choice for summertime, helping lighten up her strands without doing anything that's too risky for a home beauty experiment. Hayek interspersed the lighter color alongside of her natural hair color, allowing some of the dark roots to remain. Her choice was a smart move making her new color double as a perfect quarantine option since it'll grow out much more nonchalantly than dyeing your entire head.

Hayek captioned her post with what could be considered a quarantine beauty poem: "In anticipation for reshoots, I finally had to do my roots." If you haven't already taken the box into your own hands, the world has hit the point in quarantine where it's almost inevitable.

This sentiment has been echoed by a handful of other celebs who have starting adding highlights and freshening up their hair for summer. One star who opted for beach-ready locks was Ciara, who went bleach blonde at the end of May. Earlier on in the same month, Ruby Rose took the plunge and lightened up her black buzz cut with light pink and blue. And more recently, Ashley Benson traded out her pretty lob for stunning light blonde extensions, proving that the time for a summer refresh really is here.