Rouje's New Liquid Lipstick Is The Effortless Way To Do French-Girl Beauty

You know Jeanne Damas as the unofficial ambassador of all things French-girl. That is, until she made it official with the creation of her effortless fashion and beauty brand, which makes it that much easier to evoke her classic Parisian-chic style. And now with the launch of Rouje's new Le Rouje Velours collection, Damas has bottled up her signature bold lip in liquid form — for an unapologetically easy way to achieve a statement-making smile that any French girl would approve of.

After dropping a selection of essential matte lipsticks to help fans emulate Damas' iconic lip (it's hard to miss it when scrolling through her Instagram), it makes sense that Rouje would branch out to a liquid version next since it furthers the cause of recreating an effortlessly French look. After all, a liquid formula allows for maximum color pay off, precise application, and creamy, comfortable wear, all of which are requirements if you're looking for an easy-to-wear lipstick that you can swipe on once and wear all day.

Thus, Le Rouje Velours was born. Weightless and silky, almost like a second skin, it's Rouje's take on liquid lipstick that provides instant impactful color to your pout, with minimal effort on your part. Basically it's a French girl's beauty dream come true.

The cream-textured liquid lipstick, $29, has been introduced in eight impactful colors and divided into three essential color families: red, pink, and nude. Of course you'll find Damas' signature true red hue Jeanne among them, plus other familiar shades like retro pink-nude Alix, deep red Camille, and vibrant raspberry Sophie that are also available in Rouje's original matte creme formula.

But despite the similar color palette, which isn't grounds for complaint anyway with shades so good, the Rouje Velours experience is a whole new one. It's hyper-concentrated for full-coverage in a single swipe — and though the liquid cream melts into lips and dries down to a soft matte finish, it still retains a subtle silk-like shine that helps your pout appear full and healthy. Plus, the stylish vintage-inspired packaging (it's just begging to be set upon your vanity) comes with a pointed-tip applicator that helps you easily line and fill in lips for precise and even color. Just one coat to chic.

For foolproof French-girl lipstick in timelessly fashionable shades you'll wear every day, shop Rouje's new collection below.