Fans Of RMS Beauty’s Cult-Favorite Face Oil Are Going To Be So Happy About The Brand’s Latest Launch

RMS Beauty
RMS Beauty's new Body Oil is the below-the-neck version of the brand's cult-favorite face oil

Let's be real: Body oil is luxurious, hydrating, and produces serious glow; but it can also be messy, stain your favorite silk top, and leave you feeling like a slime ball. So, if you've ever debated dotting your face oil across your body to achieve body-oil results sans the ickiness, no need. Instead, pick up RMS Beauty's new Beauty Body Oil — because it was formulated with the brand's beloved face oil in mind.

For eight years, people have raved about RMS' Beauty Oil, and finally, on March 3, the brand released a similar formula made for every inch of the skin. The $64 Beauty Body Oil boasts many of the same ingredients as Beauty Oil — like jojoba oil for quick absorption and hydration, and buriti oil for antioxidant protection — but it also has even more moisture-rich ingredients for rough patches unfamiliar to the face. Most notably: organic coconut oil.

The fatty-acid ingredient is often touted as mega hydrating by itself, but it actually works as an emollient by sealing in moisture. So while jojoba and buriti oil — along with an herbal mixture targeted to calm inflammations — work to soften and soothe the skin, coconut oil locks it all in for long-lasting, glowing effects.


But back to that messy, slimy issue that often crops up with body oil. While the brand recommends using it everyday for optimal results on either dry or damp skin, The Zoe Report's Shopping News Editor Anna Buckman found that, for her, using it post-shower led to optimal results (i.e. no unwanted mess or uncomfortably slick limbs). "Though it was somewhat difficult to rub into my skin when I was totally dry, it absorbed easily when I used it directly after my shower on slightly damp, warm skin," she says.

If applying oil to 90 percent of your skin isn't enough, pick up the brand's new Kakadu Evening Beauty Elixir — an overnight face oil made with the kakadu plum that's rich in antioxidants and vitamin C — which also launched March 3.

But, right now, it's about your body. So, head over to RMS Beauty's website or Sephora.com to pick up your own Beauty Body Oil today.