Designers Say You Don't Need To Splurge On This Key Bedroom Piece


Searching for the perfect gift to give yourself this season? Transforming your otherwise uninspired sleep space into a peaceful sanctuary is an option that will keep on giving, and the good news is that design experts say that doesn't necessarily require a pricey overhaul. When revamping your bedroom, they believe that you should be strategic about items on which to either splurge and save. Spoiler: They might not be the ones you'd expect.

It's fair to say that luxury and high quality items frequently come with higher price tags, but that doesn't mean that every statement-making piece in your bedroom has to break the bank. According to Sara Queen, Senior Designer for Lisa Queen Design, considering your use of a given item (which translates to its materials, sturdiness, potential longevity, etc) might help you decipher how much you should spend, and she suggests going in with a clear plan of attack. "Start small and work in phases," Queen says. "Create a spreadsheet with a budget and list all the items you wish to upgrade, and then work backwards by priority. You may also be able to find some unique items in unusual places, like at an antique store or flea market. Even check sources like Overstock and Amazon. You'll be on the hunt for longer (think, needle in a haystack!) but the deals are out there!"

As for exactly which pieces the designer deems worthy of a splurge — and which she thinks you can scale back on — her suggestions may help inform your future bedroom makeover, whether it's switching out the decorative items on your beside table, or re-covering your bed in luxurious linens. See them all ahead.

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Revamping Your Bedroom: Splurge On Bedding

"We spend a ridiculous amount of our lives in bed," says Queen. "Great bedding can not only make a difference in the quality of our sleep, but also in the aesthetic of your bedroom." And if you're stumped on exactly which material is best for your ideal sleep situation, she's got some sage advice. "For a relaxed, lived-in feel, try linen bedding," she explains. "For an elevated, crisp hotel type of experience, opt for percale bedding. Percale doesn't have a sheen to it, and it's most commonly what we experience in hotels. For a bit more elegance, and dare I say, glamour, try sateen bedding."

Revamping Your Bedroom: Splurge On Lighting

"Set the ambiance for your bedroom with thoughtful lighting," the designer says. "Bedroom lighting (all lighting really) should be able to be dimmed! Add dimmers to any overhead lights in your bedroom suite." And as for the most impactful (and splurge-worthy) type of lighting, Queen says that depends on your space and style. For example, an airy chandelier can make a dramatic statement, while matching table lamps or sconces on each side of your bed could provide ambient lighting and warm up your space.

Revamping Your Bedroom: Splurge On Creative Electronic Solutions

"If a TV in the bedroom is a non-negotiable, splurge on a creative way to hide it when not in use so your bedroom isn't overcome by a giant black screen," Queen says. "An armoire or antique cabinet is a great solution, so you can close the doors and hide the TV away. More creative options would be to create sliding doors that cover the TV when not in use and replace the spot with a great piece of art, or more simply, an art piece that folds or slides up and down over the TV."

Revamping Your Bedroom: Save On Bedside Tables

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"While we'd all love to have fabulous bedside tables with drawers, these items can really add up," explains the designer. "Try simple accent tables or a floating shelf. Smaller bedside tables with less storage will also help you manage bedside clutter and keep your bedroom feeling tidy."

Revamping Your Bedroom: Save On Foot Of The Bed Pieces

"Try a pair of furry bean bags or textured poufs instead of the traditional chairs/sofa or bench," Queen says. "Especially if the items will rarely be used and are more for 'finishing' the space, something organic and textural can be a nice change of pace and also a money saver."

Revamping Your Bedroom: Save On Accent Decor

"Bedside decor, trinkets, and throw pillows can all be managed economically," shares the expert. "Pick up decor items slowly as you see them while out shopping and keep an eye out for big box sales."