R+Co Reformulated Its BEL AIR Hair Collection To Include Tocopherol — Here's What That Means

Courtesy of R+Co

R+Co are masters of haircare chemistry when it comes to its ingredient lists. Sure, the newly reformulated R+Co BEL AIR Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner does contain a bevy of traditional haircare heroes. In one $28 bottle, there are the typical hydrating ingredients — creamy butters that will moisturize your hair, deep-conditioning oils that'll sink into strands. But the brand's new, hair-smoothing formula also boasts an eye-catching addition to its main ingredients list: tocopherol.

Which, you're probably wondering, is what, exactly? It's not as strange as it sounds. According to Women's Health, the name "tocopherol" refers to eight forms of vitamin E. Surprisingly, tocopherol is an antioxidant force to be reckoned with. And similar to how antioxidants can help your skin and body function, they can also be the missing link your hair needs. Specifically in the BEL AIR collection, the antioxidant-rich tocopherol works to protect your entire head (including your scalp) from potentially harmful free radicals and UV damage; on top of that, it helps your scalp stay moisturized, preventing future water loss.

Another one of the BEL AIR collection's ingredients may have you scratching your head, too. Like the previous formula, the new shampoo and conditioner are formulated with artichoke extract — which unexpectedly is another source of antioxidants. The extract provides similar free radical protection, as well as reviving dry and damaged hair. Who knew vegetables would come in handy for your hair?


And the results you get from the BEL AIR collection's antioxident-rich formula may be exactly what your winter-zapped hair is looking for. BEL AIR is R+Co's answer to smooth, straight, and silky hair; while they have plenty of benefits, the antioxidant complex is primarily used to keep your hair smooth as you straighten or blow dry it. The collection's added smell is a bonus, too — BEL AIR is scented with R+Co's DARK WAVES fragrance, a sultry mix of cardamom, fruit, and lavender.

Both the BEL AIR shampoo and conditioner retail for $14, $24, or $84 depending on which size you spring for, and are available on R+Co's website. Below, both standard sizes of the recently-reformulated BEL AIR collection.