R+Co’s Having A Flash Sale On Its Liter Sets & You’re About To Be Set On Haircare For A While

R+Co / Instagram
The newest sale from R+Co features liter versions of its shampoo and conditioner sets.

Rumor has it that the hottest thing to be grabbing off shelves right now is hair dye, but boxed versions of color are nothing compared to your trusty colorist’s know-how. So forget stockpiling on materials for a risky dye job — what you really should be searching for is bulk-size haircare products to keep your strands healthy and happy until you can head to the salon again. In order to keep your hair nourished, you’ve got to start with the basics (a la shampoo and conditioner), which is where R+Co's liter set sale comes in.

Starting on April 13 and ending on April 15, the haircare company’s flash sale features six different sets of fan-favorite shampoos and conditioners in — you guessed it — R+Co's jumbo-size liter bottles. All of the formulas only call for a quarter-size amount when using, so you'll be set for a few months and then some when it comes to staying on top of your hair game right at home. The new sale prices are $87 for some sets and $96 for others, and each of the wash kits target specific needs, whether it's curl-enhancing, color-protecting, moisturizing, or thickening.

Other than the fact that your hair is going to thank you for treating it so well in the interim, small businesses will be grateful for your purchase, too. A portion of the proceeds from R+Co’s sale will be going to its #SHOPLOCALSALONS program, which helps support smaller-scale hair studios. But if your own go-to salon has an R+Co affiliate link, you can shop through that to give your fave hair heroes 40 percent commission on your purchase.

Leave the risky dye business to the pros and focus on getting your hair in the best condition possible. Ahead, see some of the formulas that are currently majorly discounted.

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