Priyanka Chopra Is Continuing Her Bangs Journey With This Chic New Style

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Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Priyanka Chopra recently debuted a gorgeous set of bangs on Instagram.

For the last few months, everywhere you look people have been cutting their own bangs; they've become an obvious by-product of quarantine, whether it's your best friend or favorite celebrity. You may be convinced that you'll never make that drastic of a chop, but that's a likely indicator that you haven't been exposed to Priyanka Chopra's new bangs yet. The actor's new wispy set is so chic, you'll be shipping some shears to your place in no time.

This is the most recent rendition of bangs Chopra has had since her appearance on TODAY last October, where sleek curtain bangs framed her face — and did so for most of autumn. But this new style is much more dramatic as she's taken on a full-blown fringe.

In a Sept. 12 Instagram post, Chopra *officially* debuted her bangs, captioning it "New hair, don't care." But she failed to realize that the world most certainly would care since her new bangs are just that good. Her 'do consisted of light and wispy pieces trimmed across her forehead that blended perfectly into the rest of her hair, which has hints of warm blonde highlights.

While the look was fresh, she technically shared it five days prior in a post, but didn't acknowledge it then. For her image dedicated to the look, Chopra turned the heat up and curled the length to give it extra texture. To go with her hair, and she opted for nothing more than a raspberry pink lip and mascara, keeping the makeup in her stunning selfie natural.

The origin story of this gorgeous new fringe is still unknown, which means, yes, there is a possibility that Chopra did the chopping herself. If she did, it's more evidence that cutting your own bangs is completely doable during quarantine — it's just a matter of having the right tools, and possibly your hairstylist on speed dial. But, if you want to guarantee a cut as perfect as Chopra's, masking up and heading to the salon won't do you wrong.

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