Prada’s Classic Nylon Bags Are About To Get A Lot More Sustainable


There are a handful of bags that can be classified as absolutely iconic. Prada's nylon purses are on that list. The style has been around since the '80s, and is still making constant appearances on the arms of fashion-insiders and the feeds of influencers alike. And now, it's about to become even more noteworthy. Following the brand's recent announcement to stop using fur, Prada has created the "Re-Nylon" collection, which is kicking off with six of the brand's classic nylon bags made from ECONYL regenerated yarn.

And it's not going to stop at that. As Business of Fashion reports, Prada's plan is to make sure that all nylon that it uses is recycled by the year 2021 — and yes, that means all 700,000 meters of it. It's a lofty goal that the brand thinks will have major effects — which makes sense, considering the popularity of the line. "It's a massive reduction of nylon and a big impact in terms of sustainability,” reads a quote from Lorenzo Bertelli, head of marketing and communication at Prada Group, on Business of Fashion.

According to Prada's site, the ECONYL nylon used is the product of a partnership between the brand and textile yarn producer Aquafil, and "is obtained through the recycling and purification process of plastic waste collected from oceans, fishing nets, and textile fibre waste." There's also no limit to how often ECONYL yarn can be recycled.

But back to that bag collection. New Re-Nylon bags are currently up on Prada's site, and include a belt bag, two backpack styles, a travel bag, a tote bag, and a shoulder bag (some of which still say "Available Soon" when you click into them). The products range from $750 to $1,790, and each one comes in a navy colorway with the option to choose patches in various hues.

It's a bold move for the brand, but perhaps not unexpected. The Prada Group's new fur-free policy is set to go into effect for its Spring/Summer 2020 collections. Plus, it's nearly every day that another brand introduces a new sustainably made collection or sustainability policy. However, it is an exciting development nonetheless, given the brand's influence and status. And, undoubtedly, one that will have customers *very* excited to support.