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Photos Of Julia Roberts’ Pink Hair Might Convince You To Get A Dye Job


Julia Roberts appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thurs. still sporting remnants of her Halloween costume from the night before. The actor told Kimmel that she dressed up as a flamingo to go trick-or-treating with her kids, which explained the unusual hue of her fishtail braid. Although accidental, Julia Roberts' pink hair is actually a trend-forward look worth recreating.

The 51-year-old arrived at Hollywood's El Capitan Theater wearing an all-black ensemble consisting of leather skinnies, a graphic t-shirt, sophisticated blazer, and rose-tinted hair. Before taking her seat on Kimmel's couch to talk about her first-ever TV role in Homecoming, she changed into a monochromatic bubblegum pink pantsuit and pulled her rose-gold hair over her shoulder in a messy fishtail braid.

Roberts told the host she colored it with temporary dye herself with the expectation that it would wash out immediately. "I had a lot more [pink] last night, but I thought there would be a lot less now," she said, explaining that the dye could actually last up to six weeks. And when Kimmel asked whether the pink suit was pre-planned or inspired by the hair, she wouldn't disclose.

The mom of three maintained her sense of humor about the unexpected makeover, joking that she's "taking bookings now." Considering the new shade looks so good, you might be willing to take her up on her offer.


From her strawberry-brown Pretty Woman days, her copper hue in Erin Brockovich, to the blonde look she sports now, the actor is known for her ever-changing hair. That said, Roberts isn't exactly the first celeb that comes to mind when you think of the pink-hair trend.

She certainly isn't the only celebrity who's dipped her hair in rose-gold dye this year, though. The touch-of-pink look has actually been making its rounds in Hollywood, from Bella Hadid's summery cotton-candy tips to Kylie's recent apricot-colored wig. Hailey Baldwin, Gigi Hadid, Kate Hudson, and Hillary Duff have all sported some variation of rose-gold hair lately, too. Kaley Cuoco even took it a step further and dyed her eyebrows a candy color to match.


Roberts' latest dye job is proof that you don't need eccentric style to pull off the trend. Whether it be a hit of rosé or subtle ombré, anyone can pull off the cheery shade without going full-on fuchsia. With the vast array of temporary dye available (and not the kind you find in the Halloween costume aisle), you don't even need to commit to the hue.

Inspired by Roberts' strawberry blonde look? Ahead, The Zoe Report's recommendations to recreate it.

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