This Is Going To Be The Biggest Hair-Color Trend This Fall

This past April, Emma Roberts brought a new hair color into the spotlight when she and her team of stylists at Nine Zero One whipped up a custom shade for her to wear to Coachella. Emma, along with salon co-owners and pro stylists Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee, dubbed the hue Desert Rose owing to its red and blonde tones. The final step was infusing Emma’s blonde strands with pink to fully transform her into a rose-gold beauty.


Back then we predicted that hairstylists everywhere would soon receive an influx of rose-gold hair requests, and it turns out we were right. In a recent interview with PopSugar, colorist Tamara DeFelice declared it’ll be one of the hottest hair colors for fall: “Play up your fall blonde by asking [your stylist] to add in hues of rich rose gold and butterscotch.” Evidently, the transformation is easy for blondes, but that’s not to say brunettes shouldn’t give it a try. “It will accentuate the peach and gold tones in women with warmer skin,” said Tamara, “and will bring out the honey tones in their eyes.”

Well, there you have it. Try something a little different when heading to the salon before the season starts to change.