How To Use The New Patrick Ta Beauty Body Oil — According To Patrick Ta Himself

Courtesy of Patrick Ta Beauty

Although it was only released earlier this year, Patrick Ta Beauty's Major Glow Body Oil is already expanding. Chalk it up to the power of Patrick Ta himself — and his signature ability to know exactly which products makeup fans want. The game-changing celebrity makeup artist's eponymous brand dropped two new additions to the Major Glow collection June 4; and it goes beyond adding another shade to the cult-favorite body oil.

Although Patrick Ta Beauty did just that, too. For summer 2019, the brand added in a rosé body oil shade named A Vision, which retails for $52. "A Vision, the newest rosé shade, was created to enhance everyone’s summer glow and tans. It gives a slight pinkish hue that when sun or light hits the skin, it gives off a beautiful tint that is so gorgeous," Patrick Ta tells The Zoe Report over email. "All the body oil colors reflect different shimmer tones, and they're translucent, so the color of the skin doesn’t really matter, it’s the shimmer particles that give each shade a different effect. I added the rosé shade because it’s the perfect addition to any look."

And you don't need to be a celebrity makeup artist to nail Ta's Major Glow Body Oil technique, either. "For a seamless application, first, shake Major Glow Body Oil to recombine the oil and the shimmer particles, then spray directly on to the skin. Massage the oil using your hands or an essential tool that I created, the Body Brush, to ensure an even application all over," Ta explains.

Courtesy of Patrick Ta Beauty

"What’s amazing about this oil is that it contains olive oil and squalane to moisturize the skin while vitamin E and magnolia bark extract give the skin a luxurious healthy glow without feeling greasy," he adds. "I like to apply A Vision in layers, depending on the level of glow how you’re trying to achieve. I like one all over application for a subtle illuminating look and two to three for a major glow moment.”

Eagle-eyed fans may instantly catch something new in Ta's explanation: the Body Brush. And before you ask, yes, the Patrick Ta Beauty Body Brush is available now, too. The $35 brush is the ideal companion to the Major Glow Body Oils; a flat, easy-to-grip handle will allow you to apply the shimmer exactly where you want to pop.

Courtesy of Patrick Ta Beauty

However, you can use it for so much more in your own routine. "The Body Brush is such an essential tool in my kit because it can be used with any product — liquid, creams, lotions, or powders and allows the body oil to blend into the skin seamlessly and evenly," Ta says. "The bristles are synthetic which keeps the product from being absorbed and allows the oil to be dispersed onto the skin. Also the kabuki style of the brush is really important as the short-handle allows the user to have more control when applying."

And you have plenty of inspiration from Ta's portfolio if you do decide to grab the new duo. “I've created many looks on the carpet using Major Glow Body Oil, but my recent favorite was Candice Swanepoel at the Met Gala this year. I used the body oil to show off her long legs in her sky blue dress," Ta notes.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"The color of her dress went perfect with her skin tone, the high-leg side slit combined with the lighting on the red carpet really made the product come alive on camera. This major moment showed just how amazing this body oil looks on skin," Ta adds.

Grab the body oil in A Vision and the Body Brush on PatrickTa.com, or on Sephora's website — and in select stores — the first week of June. Ahead, both new Major Glow collection products.