& Other Stories Is Celebrating Its 7th Birthday By Giving Back

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& Other Stories' International Women's Day posters on walls.

It's time to light the candles on a very chic birthday cake. On Mar. 8 — also known as International Women's Day — the cool-girl staple & Other Stories turns seven. And to celebrate, the fashion and lifestyle brand has released a project you can hang up on your very own walls: & Other Stories' International Women's Day posters.

& Other Stories' Her Image, Her Story campaign features eight limited-edition posters from nine female photographers: Gia Coppola, Wang Ziqian, Amanda Charchian, Grace Bukunmi, Wai Lin Tse, Laura Kampman, Ewa-Marie Rundquist, Vanessa Fuentes, and Nada Lottermann (the latter of which create as a duo, Lottermann & Fuentes). All proceeds from the $29 posters will be donated to CARE, a global organization dedicated to ending poverty and advocating for equal rights.

“I was approached by the brand but I loved that the collaboration involved a challenge for me while also donating to a greater cause," director, screenwriter, and artist Gia Coppola tells TZR over email — and you can learn a lot about each photographer by how they approached said challenge. Artist and stylist Grace Bukunmi opted to take her self-portrait in a friend's living room in Amsterdam, a city she first visited while studying abroad.

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After a difficult first encounter with the city, Bukunmi says, "I was determined to revisit with a different lens on a solo take so when I did, I was delighted to discover the rich heritage of the city from the stories of Anne Frank and Van Gogh to the free-spirited swagger of its bike riders. In a self-portrait, you're typically not privy to all the insights of one's experience in the city but I tried to provide a taste."

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Meanwhile Coppola notes that her portrait — achieved by using a mirror's reflection — happened through necessity. "It was hard to photograph myself vertically, so I like the absurdity that it resulted in me just trying to cram myself in a mirror resting on the floor," Coppola says, adding that she chose photos for the campaign "partly by which ones were in focus!"

It goes to show that each photo is inspired by something new — or, as Bukunmi says, the "never-ending importance of offering stories from varied perspectives." You can explore all of the limited-edition self-portraits and behind-the-scenes notes by visiting & Other Stories' website.