Olivia Culpo Packs This $7 Beauty Product *Every* Time She Travels

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Olivia Culpo is a jet setter in every sense of the word. The model, who recently partnered with Bacardi to celebrate the brand’s newest flavor addition — a summer-perfect lime — has been all over the world, from Tokyo to Australia to France. It should come as no surprise, then, that the seasoned globe trotter has perfected the art of packing and nailed down a travel skincare routine that's actually quite simple. Better yet, Culpo's holy-grail beauty product (which she brings with her everywhere she goes) is actually hiding in your nearest drugstore aisle — and it won't cost you more than $7.

Traveling can be quite stressful, from figuring out what to pack in your suitcase to dealing with the side effects it can have on your skin — lack of sleep and dry cabin air can result in dull, tired-looking skin. But there are ways of making everything more manageable, and for Culpo, it starts with a perfectly curated beauty bag (and a well-packed suitcase, too).

Culpo's travel skincare routine is one you'll want to pencil into memory — and luckily, it includes a wallet-friendly mainstay that might already be on your shelf right now. "I travel with Neutrogena wipes everywhere I go," Culpo shares with The Zoe Report. "They’re just easy for taking off makeup."

"They're the best for taking off makeup, and they also leave your skin dewy, so it doesn’t dry anything out,” she adds. Culpo also recommends bringing along a hydrating mist to brighten and illuminate skin mid or post flight.

Unsurprisingly, Culpo's brilliant beauty find isn't the only travel hack she's discovered. Listen up, over-packers: This model knows a thing or two about curating a well-rounded suitcase that isn't overflowing with clothes.

“One of my biggest tips for packing is sticking to a theme,” Culpo shares. “Basically, base it off of what color tones you want to go with, and then pack a bunch of things that are in that same story. Otherwise, it can get a little bit difficult to fit everything."

Culpo's warm-weather plans are sure to include a lot more traveling (and a host of summer festivities, where she'll definitely be serving her favorite cocktail: a Bacardi lime cooler in a carved-out watermelon).

So, tackle your upcoming vacation plans with ease by keeping Culpo's tips and beauty buys in mind. Ahead, shop the Neutrogena wipes she packs every time she travels, plus The Zoe Report's favorite hydrating mists and face masks for when you need a dose of moisture post flight.

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