Olive & June Just Created A Skincare Version Of Its Fan-Favorite Cuticle Serum

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Courtesy of Olive & June
Olive & June just released its first ever serum for hands.
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Winter is the usual culprit behind dry, cracked hands, and the sudden and incessant need to lather them up with gobs of thick cream. This year, obviously, has looked far different, and the typical dryness has had to be dealt with all year long. Necessary, but at times aggravating, the alcohol in hand sanitizers and excessive hand washing has wreaked havoc on everyone's skin, which means there's never been more of a need for Olive & June's Hand Serum than now.

Luckily, starting today, you can get a bottle of your dry skin's silky antidote. For $18, you'll be privy to the perfect blend of hyaluronic acid, AHAs, avocado oil, and jojoba oil — clearly a moisturizing powerhouse. But there's another surprising component featured that hails from the desert, the last place you'd think of when it comes to hydration: cactus flower.

Also found in its beloved cuticle serum, this addition plays a huge part in keeping moisture in. "I’m obsessed with this ingredient. Cactus flower is known for being rich in antioxidants. It helps maintain the natural hydration of the skin and prevents moisture loss. This is something all of our hands need right now!" Sarah Gibson Tuttle, CEO and founder of Olive & June, tells The Zoe Report over email.

Courtesy of Olive & June

Tuttle continued to emphasize the power of the cactus flower, explaining that its naturally-occurring antioxidants also protect against one of your skin's worst enemies — free radicals. So to make the most of its potency, frequent use is recommended.

According to Tuttle, applying it daily to hands is what's prescribed, as long as any nail polish you're wearing is completely dry. But she also says there's no harm in using it more, something Shopping News Editor Anna Buckman took note of.

Buckman found the serum was worthy of a spot in her lineup, working it in twice a day, following it up with a thicker cream at night. "No surprise here, but Olive & June's new Hand Serum immediately became a permanent staple in my hand-care routine. Once it sinks in, it's not greasy or sticky at all — a nice change from all the super-heavy lotions I've been using to counteract my hands' permanent dryness these days," she says.

Courtesy of Olive & June

Although the new release could've easily been another hand cream, the idea was an offshoot of Olive & June's cuticle serum, which fans were using all over their hands. Because of this and the number of times it sold out (five!), a hand-specific version was in order. "We spent more than a year perfecting a new formula that was moisturizing but lightweight and would treat the hands and continue to hydrate and repair skin over time," says Tuttle.

Below, spoil your skin from wrist to nail with the brand's newest serum.

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