Natural Lash Styles Are On The Rise At Glamnetic — Here’s Why

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Glamnetic's natural lash styles are seeing an uptick thanks to quarantine
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Is it a coincidence that artsy eyeshadow and abstract liner have gone viral during a time when it's necessary to cover up the remaining 70 percent of your face in public? Likely not. With eyes being the only facial features left out of a face mask, people are ensuring they stand out with rainbow-painted lids or a good old pair of falsies. According to Glamnetic, interest in magnetic lashes have multiplied, but mostly in natural styles versus the more va-va-voom varieties.

Instagram has solidified eye makeup as *the* unofficial quarantine trend. You're seeing exaggerated cat-eyes, crystal adhesives, and the loudest color in every palette coming out to play lately, whether because people are allocating more time to experimentation or simply because when wearing a face mask, eyes are all that's left unhidden — you may as well make them count.

Case in point: Glamnetic, creator of cruelty-free magnetic lashes, has seen double or perhaps even triple its usual volume, CEO and founder Ann McFerran tells The Zoe Report, chalking it up to the fact that folks are no longer able to get their lash extensions done at a salon.

"I think everyone just wants to feel sane and have a sense of normalcy, and lashes help with taking your look to the next level," she said.

Virgo Lashes / Glamnetic

What's more, the brand has seen a shift in the type of demand. The lack of going out has reduced the need for going-out lashes and given way to the au naturel aesthetic that quarantine has made so cool.

McFerran says customers have expressed that they want "more of a relaxed, natural look to feel cute around the house or on Zoom meetings and FaceTime calls."

Softer, more neutral lashes have surpassed medium-to-full top-sellers like Lush, VIP, and Va Va Voom. "About two weeks after quarantine started, we saw a larger proportion of users shifting into more natural lashes, like Virgo, Livin, Lucky, Luxe and Venus," says McFerran. These magnetic lashes are the perfect way to maintain an abundant lash line between fills, too. The process is fail-proof: Apply the iron oxide-rich liner to your lid, wait a minute, then attach the magnetized lashes of your choice.

Now all it needs is a pop of neon or a floating streak of white liner and you're all set to have the most trend-forward eyes at tonight's Zoom party.

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