This New App Claims To Be The Raya Of Homesharing

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Travel is one of the aspects of so-called normal life that so many people cannot wait to return to — but even when the time comes, the industry will likely look a lot different. Safety is top of mind for anyone who has to head out of town, and some are feeling much more comfortable booking private house rentals over hotels. If that's your preference, MyPlace is a new homesharing app that offers an alternative to the usual options. And while it may be more exclusive, it just might give you some more peace of mind when embarking on your next trip.

Following in the footsteps of members-only forums like Raya and even Soho House, MyPlace requires an application and carefully vets its applicants — which is what makes it different than its competitors. However, the company is quick to explain that the reason for this isn't superficial exclusivity, but rather creating a close-knit community that makes you feel a lot more secure.

Like the aforementioned businesses, MyPlace focuses on referrals when accepting new members. And once you've applied, founders Zach Bell and Rameet Chawla — who are vets of the tech and hospitality industries — get to know applicants better via a virtual chat. Their ideal member isn't necessarily someone of certain economic status; The founders say they're more interested in who you are as a person and how you contribute to the community.


In addition to the appeal of a members-only concept and the potential safety of a smaller circle, hopeful applicants are also loving the fact that MyPlace rentals aren't necessarily more expensive. In fact, the app boasts booking fees at or below cost, which in this case means that members set their own rates. For example, you might allow friends and family to stay at your place for free, or offer reduced rates upon referrals. And it's also ideal for anyone who wants to make some extra cash from renting their space, but has been hesitant to list it publicly.

Despite the exclusivity, as well as the fact that MyPlace is still in beta testing, 2,500 members have already joined — and the waitlist is growing rapidly. So far, you can already book beautifully designed homes in cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Ibiza, London, and Tulum.

While the company plans to stay invite-only with carefully vetted rental options, the future will include more opportunities to get involved. Once fully launched later this year, MyPlace will allow users to create private groups (the current population only consists of "The Founding Community") for homesharing. As for the time being, given the trend of small, remote weddings and spontaneous road trips as safer travel options, this looks to be one of the hottest new clubs to join this summer, if you manage to secure a spot.

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