Margot Robbie Proves (Yet Again) That There’s Never A Bad Time To Match Your Makeup To Your Outfit

Victor Chavez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Margot Robbie’s Burnt Orange Lipstick Matches Her Outfit

Once the 2000s rolled around, it seemed like there became an unspoken "rule" in beauty to stop matching your makeup to your outfit. But if there's one thing that's always bound to happen, it's trends coming back in style. And here to ease you into the idea of reviving — in a small way — the '80s, is Margot Robbie, her burnt orange lipstick, and the outfit she wore to match.

The actor was spotted while promoting Birds of Prey in Mexico City on Jan. 25, and made everyone stuck in the winter blues yearn for fall with her brown-and-orange palette. To complement her tortoiseshell earrings and plaid top, celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff blended a warm brown hue onto the star's eyelids and onto her cheeks. But what really pulled the entire ensemble together was the burnt orange lipstick on Robbie's pout that made for a subtle matchy-matchy moment.

Orange is no unfamiliar territory for Robbie. The actor first proved the shade is made for monochrome last summer when she paired a brighter version of the color on her eyelids, lips, and nails. Shortly thereafter, she donned orange eyeshadow yet again, this time matching it to her burnt orange dress. Both of Robbie's looks just serve as further proof the '80s are making a comeback — not only in bold hues, but in matching looks, too.

And Robbie isn't the only celeb who's been spotted bringing the matching trend into 2020. At the Grammy Awards, singer Yola went all out with bright pink lips and sparkly eyelids to match her equally glittering dress, while model Tess Holliday stunned in a rhinestone adorned dress and rhinestone adorned eyelids. And even before that award show, Lucy Hale matched her mint green dress to her eyeshadow at the Critics' Choice Awards. Those striking options will always be on the table, but Robbie's more subdued take allows for a smaller dip into this trend's waters.

Although Dubroff didn't reveal the stunning shade she used on Robbie, there's no need to let that stop you from rocking the look. Ahead, four burnt orange lipsticks to get you on trend.