Margot Robbie Just Proved This Moody Nail Polish Shade Is Perfect For Every Season

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Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images
Margot Robbie shared a burgundy red manicure in a recent Instagram post.

Your nail polish collection might be divided by season, with your neons chilling out until summer hits, pastels taking their shift during the spring, and deep, dark colors grabbing the spotlight during fall and winter. While you technically could paint on mauve for June or chartreuse in November, it just feels a little strange. But if there’s one beauty rule that's been tossed out the window during quarantine, it’s that certain colors are limited to certain seasons, and Margot Robbie's burgundy nails makes the perfect case for why.

Rocking soft beach waves and a handful of statement rings, the actor posted an image to her feed on May 26 sporting a deep, wine red manicure while munching on a piece of watermelon (Harry Styles would be so proud). While you may consider this shade to be fitting for nothing more than being wrapped around a pumpkin spice latte, Robbie completely adapted it for summer. She paired the color with a simple, warm weather-friendly, no-makeup makeup look and a white puffy blouse, which really handed out the summer vibes and worked *so* well with her burgundy nail polish despite it being unexpected.

Even though many stars have been sharing their DIY manis and makeovers, this is the first time Robbie let followers see what beauty shenanigans she's been up to. While she jumped in on tweaking what could be considered beauty gospel (wine red for fall is practically the equivalent of florals for spring), she's not the first celeb to partake in turning this long-running trend on its head.

There have been quite a few other stars who've taken nail colors usually considered for autumn and made them work springtime magic during quarantine. Back in March, Selena Gomez shared a small peek of her red manicure, and in April, model Elsa Hosk opted for a muddled red color on her nails. Aside from red, Yara Shahidi rocked deep slate blue nail polish on an Instagram live earlier in May and a bit later in the month, Demi Lovato, who's played with reds and pinks this quarantine too, shared a pic wearing all-black polish, all proving that summer is no longer limited to neons.

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