Marc Jacobs’ New Line, The Marc Jacobs, Just Launched — Here’s What You Need To Know (& Shop)


As spring draws to an end, Marc Jacobs begins again. Although the designer's eponymous brand only dropped an Instagram video teasing something new on May 29, the latest creation from Jacobs is already shoppable (as of May 30, naturally). And it's one to check out. Marc Jacobs' new line, The Marc Jacobs, echoes the energy that catapulted the designer's infamous 1993 grunge collection for Perry Ellis into history books; it captures the essence of what may already be in your closet — the pieces you pull out time and time again — and gives them a signature Marc Jacobs twist.

Example A: The Hoodie from The Marc Jacobs line. Not a hoodie, not the hoodie you already own — The Hoodie. The piece retails for a cool $1,600, a price it readily justifies within the product description. "The only way this sweater can be made is by one person in Italy," the brand notes, adding that it's made from cashmere, silk, and a "foamy Filanca thread." (The website also includes the fact that Jacobs himself owns one of every color.)

"We wanted to do something that is unlike the collections we are already doing, in that it is more ‘item-y'," reads a quote by Jacobs in a press release. "These items are things that you could put together in your own way; it’s more about personal styling than about having a full runway look."

Marc Jacobs

In this way, The Marc Jacobs line zeroes in on each piece; much like that aforementioned grunge collection put beloved early '90s staples — a tattered sweater, a thrift store dress you wear once a week — on a fashion pedestal. You can feel the adoration the team has for certain pieces, too: The Marc Jacobs features The Redux Sweater, an archival style from the designer's 1985 Sketchbook collection that will cost you $650. And the collection's main page shows a beatific photo of Jacobs in 1985, next to a model wearing the original sweater. It's something that feels sweet, personal, and not often available in ready-to-wear shopping.

That said, The Marc Jacobs is not resting on its laurels. The new line has already begun boldly charging ahead — it dropped two collaborative capsule collections with the rest of its new pieces: Peanuts x Marc Jacobs and New York Magazine x Marc Jacobs. Such collabs will be signatures of the new line; in a press email, the brand called them an "ongoing cornerstone" of The Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs

Though you may want to start calling it just The. After all, that's how Jacobs refers to the new line. "THE is an eclectic collection of items: Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Jewelry, Accessories, etc. I’ll share more about what THE is in greater detail later on," he wrote on his @TheMarcJacobs Instagram account. More clarity for the name and the titles of each piece can be gleaned from Marc Jacobs' website, though: "We call it 'THE' because we want to give each item a unique identity," reads a quote by Jacobs.

Below, 13 pieces from The Marc Jacobs, available on

The Hoodie


The Marc Jacobs

A hoodie so luxurious, it deserves to be worn over silk dresses and paired with your favorite earrings. Or, you know, with joggers.

The Smock Dress


The Marc Jacobs

Peep the dress' neckline: A removable embroidered "Marc" pin accents its collar.

The Grunge Sweater


The Marc Jacobs

The icon of a generation, this red-and-black striped sweater will catch any grunge music fan's eye.

Peanuts x Marc Jacobs The Sweatshirt With Charlie Brown


The Marc Jacobs

There's something perpetually relatable about Charlie Brown's expression here; wear this sweatshirt when you need to cozy up as you work.

The Velveteen Fit And Flare Coat


The Marc Jacobs

You'll be waiting for next winter to arrive once this dramatic purple coat is hanging in your closet.

The Waist Cincher


The Marc Jacobs

While it does feature a lace-up detail in the back, a zipper and elastic makes this trendy piece one you'll actually be able to get on by yourself.

New York Magazine x Marc Jacobs The Logo T-shirt in Black


The Marc Jacobs

A combination of iconic writing and fashion? Yes, please.

The Jogger


The Marc Jacobs

A little bit "Dad shoe," a little bit streetwear, these not-yet-online sneakers are on track to show up everywhere.

The Shirt Dress


The Marc Jacobs

Wear this silk dress all on its own, or dress it up with colorful, printed tights (à la the collection's look book).

The Redux Sweater


The Marc Jacobs

Longtime fans of Marc Jacobs will love this chance to score one of the designer's early styles.

The Turn-Up Jean Overdye


The Marc Jacobs

Suddenly considering adding yet another pair of jeans to your closet? Same.

New York Magazine x Marc Jacobs The Mag Bag


The Marc Jacobs

Calling it now: This magazine-shaped clutch will be an editor favorite.

The Victorian Blouse


The Marc Jacobs

Show off your romantic side with this floral, lacy blouse.