Here’s What To Expect From Mango’s First-Ever Homeware Collection

Courtesy of Mango
Mango's first homeware collection is launching soon

High street stores offering home decor is no longer really anything new — places like Zara, H&M, and Urban Outfitters have been doing it for years. However, the category is clearly becoming even more appealing to retailers (no doubt thanks to the pandemic driving people to focus more on their homes), because a new brand was just added to that list. That's right: Mango is launching its first homeware collection, finally joining the league of labels bringing stylish goods at affordable prices to the masses.

You'll have to wait a little longer to get your hands on it, though; the new lineup won't be available until April 2021. That said, it's worth the wait — and undoubtedly many Mango fans would agree.

"Our customers are asking us for products for their homes," said Toni Ruiz, Mango's CEO, in a press release. "They want the same comfort and style they look for in clothes to decorate the rooms of their homes. This is an ambitious project we are excited to be developing and which has involved many of the professionals that form part of Mango."

When it does launch, you can initially expect to see textiles for various rooms in the home: bed linen, duvet covers, cushions, blankets, towels, and bathrobes, plus candles and mikados. For the autumn/winter 2021 season, items for the kitchen and dining room will be added.

Courtesy of Mango

As for what those pieces will look like, they'll feel similar to Mango's fashion line, but with a less trend-forward vibe. For its first collection, the aesthetic is focused on "clean and refined Mediterranean style" that incorporates contemporary design and neutral colors.

But though the line will surely be full of beautiful pieces, the brand put thought into more than just looks. According to the press release, the entire collection of textiles will be sustainable and 80% of the products will be produced locally. "Mango is a brand with a Mediterranean spirit that aims to share its vision and lifestyle with its customers," said Jan Rivera, Mango’s Chief Creative Officer Mango, in the press release. "This new collection has been a natural evolution for us, and one that is also aligned with our sustainability goals."

Upon launch, the new line will be available exclusively on Mango.com in select European markets; however, it will expand to additional markets in the future. Until then, no one will blame you if you're suddenly inspired to plan a full-blown Mediterranean oasis in your home in anticipation.