Everything You Need To Know About Mango's New Sustainable Jewelry Collection


Minimalist jewelry has been all the rage lately. So much so, that the bolder types might be jonesing for the jewelry game to switch it up. While both art and fashion lovers, alike, know there's a special type of joy that comes along with more standout styles, to some, the category of ornate costume jewelry may still sound like a faux pas. But Mango's 3D jewelry collection is here to prove just that. With a stunning range of crafty and sustainable designs, these tiny pieces will make a huge difference to your wardrobe.

For an exclusive collection, Mango has collaborated with Comme Des Machines, a Spanish production company leading the way in sustainable fashion. Inspired by destination locations in the Mediterranean, drawing from its colors and climate, the collection is a balanced act of freshness and harmony.

Each unique piece is very much a work of art and meant to be admired by craft lovers. Combining warm and natural colors with gold tones, these are more than ideal to add to your Spring jewelry arsenal. You have your choice of abstract earrings with gold hardware that are both eclectic and versatile. Beaded and asymmetric earrings are decorated with pendants like hand-sculpted clay pots. Or if you're still looking to stay on-trend, the Contrast Bead Bracelet, $49.99, has the perfect unique chain links to hit the chunky gold jewelry trend on the head.


The fashion giant isn't using the high-tech method just for fun. Mango's exclusive capsule collection is made using an innovative high-tech technique. It's materials consist of 90% sustainable materials like recyclable ceramics and biodegradable woods. And by using 3D can achieve intricate and unique designs that are perfect every time.

You don't have to abandon your jewelry comfort zone of delicate chains and dainty jewels. But if you are looking to switch up your usual daily look, then Mango's sustainable jewelry is the best place to start. For something subtle but attention-grabbing, the Contrast Bead Bracelet is a perfect addition to your arm candy. To make more of a statement try out any of the stunning earrings to frame your face with little works of art.

Look ahead to shop the covet-worthy collection by Mango.