Clean, Chic Scalp Care Is Here, Courtesy Of MALIN+GOETZ

MALIN+GOETZ's Detox Scalp Mask in bottle, texture shot.

Back in the day — as in, a few years ago — tending to your scalp health was decidedly un-chic. It was often left to the whims of clinical formulas and bottles, which was, you know, fine. It got the job done. But new launches, such as the MALIN+GOETZ Detox Scalp Mask, ask a question previously left unanswered by the haircare of yore: Why not treat scalp buildup with the same care and attention paid everywhere else?

And according to the very stylish new launch from MALIN+GOETZ, there's no reason not to. Launched on Sept. 8 by the cult-favorite beauty and lifestyle brand, the $35 mask packs a punch: You only need to leave on the foaming product for 5 minutes, once a week, to reap its benefits. These include balancing your scalp, removing excess oil and buildup, and making your hair appear fuller and thicker while minimizing an oily appearance throughout.

The process itself isn't labor-intensive, either — so, no harsh, stripping scrubbing required. The mask doesn't actually start to foam until you apply it to your dry scalp; the formula begins as a gel when you first pump it out of the bottle. Then, after 5 minutes pass, you just rinse it out, and follow up with your regular shampoo or conditioner if you'd like.


So, how did MALIN+GOETZ pull it off? You can thank the encapsulation technology featured in the formula, which you may recognize from the skincare industry. In this case, MALIN+GOETZ employed an encapsulated oxygen complex to create the cleansing foam, with salicylic acid microspheres and a lactic and glycolic acid blend used to exfoliate. Meanwhile, safflower, olive, and coconut oils make sure your hair isn't left feeling dry, while spearmint and peppermint give the whole treatment a zippy scent (while boasting their own cooling abilities).

And just in case you needed an extra reason to try it out, MALIN+GOETZ made sure that the formula is vegan, cruelty-free, and completely free of synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, and other commonly unwanted ingredients.

Down to upgrade your scalp-care routine? Ahead, the brand-new Detox Scalp Mask, available on the brand's website.

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