Lush Launched A New Face & Body Mask Formulated To Help You Unwind

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Courtesy of Lush
Lush Beauty Sleep Face and Body Mask applied to skin.
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Lush is known best for two things: natural ingredients and fragrance. Or rather, fragrances plural — since walking into a Lush storefront is practically its very own experience. This is why the brand-new Lush Beauty Sleep Face and Body Mask is, at its heart, a launch that's unique to the cult-favorite beauty and lifestyle brand. Not only does the new face mask boast a laundry list of skin-loving ingredients, but it also serves as the latest addition to Lush's Sleepy line, a body-care collection designed to help you unwind through scent.

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The $16.95 product was released via Lush's website on Oct. 16, and arrives in stores on Oct. 19. Similar to other products already in the Lush Sleepy range, the face-and-body mask features relaxing lavender oil, a scent known for its ability to whisk away nerves and usher in tranquility. Even better, Lush layered in lemon verbena and valerian root on top of the lavender oil; while both sound rather brightening (or, eye-opening), they actually enhance the lavender rather than disrupt it.

That said, this mask is still just that — a skin care product that you'll want to slather all over. The Beauty Sleep formula contains a dollop of Lush's Gorgeous Moisturizer blended right into it, a fan favorite featuring orange blossom honey water, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh fruit juices.

Courtesy of Lush

However, expect much more than just your standard hydration boost. Beauty Sleep is an all-in-one extravaganza; cold-pressed evening primrose oil encourages skin elasticity while those aforementioned fruit juices assist with brightening. Then, on top of all of that, the mask features gentle physical exfoliation in the form of ground organic aduki beans. (As with any manual exfoliation, you get to control how much or how little you want; you are using your hands, after all.)

Courtesy of Lush

And don't forget, this is a mask you can apply anywhere you feel like your skin needs it. Pop it on after cleansing away makeup, or post-shower — after 10 to 15 minutes, you'll be able to gently wash it away, and reap all of those moisturizing and relaxing benefits.

Below, the new Beauty Sleep Face and Body Mask, available now at Lush.

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