Lime Crime's New Fairy Garden Collection Is Its Largest (& Most Colorful) Yet

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Lime Crime just launched its Fairy Garden collection and it's so pastel

Lauded by beauty billionaire Kylie Jenner for its cult-classic Unicorn Hair dyes, Lime Crime has acquired a cult following for churning out actually affordable makeup and hair products in a kaleidoscopic color range. The Instagram-favorite indie brand is hailed for its eccentric take on beauty — last year introducing an augmented reality app so that consumers can interact with their eyeshadow palettes — and it just rolled out its largest collection to date. The new Fairy Garden collection by Lime Crime features 15 products, including hair color, lip gloss, eyeshadows, and body highlights.

Last year's runways called it: Pastels will be the neons of 2020. This playful range is prepared to lead us all into spring with indigo shimmer on our lids and mint-tinted gloss on our lips. It will indeed be the season of color, if Lime Crime has anything to do with it.

Sticking to its shtick of embracing radical individuality, the brand launched a whole line of quirky things like '90s-style tinted body shimmer — in Lunar (pinky-purple), Enchantress (champagne gold), and Supernatural (minty green), each $25 — that's loaded with skin-softening vitamin E, aka bound to become a mainstay in your warm weather beauty routine.

And that's only the beginning of this whimsical collection.

Alongside the trio of body shimmers, the Fairy Garden range includes two lip glosses, in Fairy Cherry (iridescent blue lavender) and Minty Cherry (shimmery mint), that are lightweight and next-level shiny. Making up the bulk of the collection are six highly pigmented, metallic eyeshadows: Midsummer (lavender), Airy (champagne), Majestic (indigo), Lily Pad (mint with a lavender shimmer), Lotus (pink meets mauve), and Gold Road (24 karats), each for $16.

Jenner fans will head straight for the hair products, of course, seeing as the 22-year-old used Lime Crime dye for her cotton candy-colored hair moment in 2018. Now, its "anime"-inspired dyes have a cult following of their own. The latest in full coverage dyes, $16, include the shades Mystic (electric blue) and Genie (equally electric violet). The hair mists, also $16, offer more of a tinted sparkle overlay. New colors include Twilight (pewter) and Firefly (gold). Both are $16 and available, like everything else in the Fairy Garden collection, at LimeCrime.com. Some highlights, ahead.