Liam Payne's Beauty Routine Includes Two Very Unexpected Products

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Courtesy Of Hugo Fragrances
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Since his One Direction days, Liam Payne has continued to rise in, well, one direction: up. He's still bringing his musical talent to the world with his latest solo album, LP1, that dropped last December — and now, the English native is dominating the world of beauty. Payne is the new face of Hugo Fragrances, which kicks off with the #MyTimeIsNow campaign, intended to encourage people to live in the present. "We do live in the moment at times like these, but we can also be self-conscious of things," Payne tells TZR over the phone in a March call. "We are all capable of mistakes and capable of making it better. Just remember those two things and try to push through whatever problem, and stay in the moment, don't miss out on life."

If you're a longtime 1D fan, you may remember the group's two fragrances, Our Moment and Between Us, released back in 2014. But this new partnership is much different than his boy band days. The artist describes the HUGO Now fragrance (which includes notes of cardamom, lemon zest, lavender, mint, and vetiver) as clean, not too sharp, but subtle. And it's not like other scents he's worn before. "There's something quite refreshing," he tells me. "It smells like how the bottle looks, how clean and the lines with the bottle."

Courtesy Of Hugo Fragrances

While he's getting ready, he listens to Justin Bieber's "Purpose" song; Payne notes that fragrance is the last step of his morning regimen, and he feels empowered to take on the day after a few sprays. In the days before social distancing, he preferred to spray everywhere, focusing on his wrists. "We're always shaking hands and giving out hugs," he told me at the time.

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The 26-year-old's beauty routine doesn't stop there. His favorite haircut of the moment? The buzzcut. "You look like you all the time, and can be lazy," he confesses. "It was quite bold but fun." But now that his hair is longer, the products in his cabinet include Evo's Hairspray. and Fudge's Texturizing Hairspray. And for skincare, he opts for collagen both morning and night. "It's super moisturizing and helps to heal the skin throughout the day," Payne explains. The products he can't live without are the Day Collagen and the Night Collagen from QMC Cosmetics. After the serum, he'll apply a moisturizer from the brand.

Blast Justin Bieber and consider following Payne's beauty regimen. Shop the HUGO NOW fragrance below, and live in the moment, too.

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