Lancôme's Juicy Tubes Are Back & Now It Feels Like 2001 Again

Lancôme just re-released its cult-classic Juicy Tubes

Whatever your beauty obsession may have been in the early aughts — purple eyeshadow, a doll-like pink cheek, overplucked brows — it was never without a lip so glossy that your bestie could see her reflection in it. Back in the day, you could always find a few of Lancôme's Juicy Tubes (along with a hot-pink Motorola Razr and first-generation iPod) floating around in that slouchy, Marissa Cooper-inspired boho bag of yours. Now, the iconic gloss is back to stake a claim in your purse.

At times, it feels like we've been teleported back to the era of Myspace and Juicy Couture tracksuits, especially with the likes of retro-loving Bella Hadid setting the current aesthetic. Along with chunky highlights, lined lips, and butterfly clips, intensely glossy lips have also been recently resurrected. And the holy grail of glosses is back from its '00s grave to lead the trend.

When Lancôme discontinued its beloved Juicy Tubes in 2018, it was the end of an era. Fans thought they may never achieve mirror-like shine on their lips again. According to the brand, the gloss was mentioned on social media more than 4,000 times that year. The glossy lip, as it turned out, was only getting started.

So, the old-school essential is back for another era in all its plumpy, cushiony, reflective glory.

On May 1, Lancôme relaunched its Juicy Tubes for $20 apiece on Lancome-usa.com and to make it extra-special, 10 new limited-edition flavors have joined the original range (that makes 20, in celebration of the product's 20th birthday). Among the available shades is a creamy light-pink Dreamsicle, a vivid Orange Flashback, sparkly Grape Arcade, and glittery Birthday Confetti.

There are 12 shimmer, sparkle, and metallic shades (i.e. the original finish), plus four jellies and four creams — all packaged up in those purse-worthy squeezable tubes conducive to glossing on the go. You can wear them alone, like you did when you were 13, or layered over lipstick for a fuller look. Be on the lookout for Juicy Tubes' limited-edition colors at Lancôme's partner retailers come July.

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