How Klorane’s New Detox Shampoo Keeps Hair Looking Shiny (& Smelling Fantastic)


Ever looked in the mirror and realized that your hair looks a little dull and lifeless? There are several reasons why your strands may have lost their shine, but the primary culprit is probably environmental impact. If pollution and build-up has got your hair lacking luminance, Klorane's Detox Shampoo with aquatic mint has officially arrived to restore and protect your tresses from future trouble — plus, it smells pretty amazing to boot.

If you're already a fan of Klorane's botanically-infused beauty products, like it's top-rated oat-based dry shampoo, you already know how effective its range of natural ingredient-filled products are. And if you've been seeing a serious lack of shine in your hair recently, the brand's latest launch may be exactly what you're looking for. The new three-product Aquatic Mint line relies on one powerful plant to detox and protect pollution-exposed strands, so you see an instant restoration of shine.

Never heard of aquatic mint, and wondering why you should give it a try? The natural ingredient, which grows abundantly in the southwest of France near streams and rivers, just so happens to have the highest antioxidant concentration of any species in the mint family — which means it's extremely effective at detoxifying and protecting your hair and scalp. Klorane utilizes a 100-percent pure and solvent-free natural extract from the plant in its new Detox Shampoo, $20, so your hair gets all the deep-cleaning benefits without being stripped of its natural oils.

The fresh, minty-smelling shampoo instantly washes away environmental buildup from pollution (and hair products, too), as it also detoxes and purifies the scalp to boost your hair's natural shine from root to tip. Plus, the hefty dose of antioxidants means your tresses are treated to a protective shield that saves hair from follicle-clogging residue, to avoid future pollutant-driven damage.

To complete the purifying treatment, follow up with the new line's Protective Conditioner, also $20. Equally invigorating, this aquatic mint-infused conditioner instantly purifies and hydrates the surface of your scalp. It has a needle-nose applicator so you can apply it directly at the roots to restore balance and shine — and don't worry, the lightweight formula won't weight down hair.

And for on-the-go refreshment, Klorane also introduced an aquatic mint Purifying Mist, $18, that actually detoxifies and deodorizes strands with just a few spritzes. Stash it in your gym bag to use post spin-class, or keep it at your desk to banish the icky smells that stick to hair mid-commute.

Below, shop the shine-restoring, hair-reviving new products from Klorane and get ready to see a major boost in shine.