47 Brilliant Hygiene Products On Amazon That Have Tons Of Glowing Reviews


Thanks to a general sense of anonymity, people on the internet typically don't bother censoring their opinions. For better or for worse, most tell it like it is. That said, when it comes to brilliant products on Amazon with tons of glowing reviews, a group of vocal commenters is often a good thing — especially if you're a customer, and especially when you're dealing with random hygiene products that you haven't tried personally.

Unlike most other categories, hygiene and beauty products are extremely subjective. A body scrub or a nail-strengthening cream may work for you, or it may not — and then there's an entire spectrum of effectiveness in between. (This is completely different from, say, buying a lamp, which merely has to turn on and look attractive for you to deem that purchase a success.)

For that reason, the more buyer feedback a hygiene product has, the better. When an item has thousands of rave reviews — and people with all different lifestyles, skin types, and expectations are saying "this works" — you know you've found a winner. That way, you can make an informed decision about your next deodorant, facial cleanser, or exfoliating brush, all thanks to some particularly vocal strangers on the internet.

A pH-Balanced Gel Cleanser That Won't Strip Away Moisture

Instead of harsh soap, this Eau Thermale Avène cleansing gel utilizes a pH-balanced formula that washes away sebum, makeup, and impurities without stripping away moisture. Reviewers say that a little goes a very long way, and that it's especially well-suited for sensitive or acne-prone skin. "Oh my gosh this stuff is amazing," says one reviewer, who "will never buy any other cleanser again!"

Microfiber Cloths That Remove Makeup Using Only Water

For those who are especially sensitive to soaps, makeup removers, and cleansers, these MojaFiber face cloths are "an outstanding buy." Reviewers consider them the best of several brands because the millions of soft fibers remove makeup, sebum, and dead skin cells without any need for cleansers — just add water and wipe your face clean. They're even machine-washable and come in your choice of eight color varieties.

A Compact, Portable Water Flosser

We've all heard about the importance of flossing from a dental-hygiene perspective, but apparently this simple practice could add years to your life. The Liberex water flosser makes it easy. This tool deep-cleans teeth, gums, and braces using a powerful stream of water. It has a lithium-ion battery that recharges via USB, and it comes with five interchangeable nozzles for all types of jobs. "Even my dentist is impressed with my teeth," one reviewer raves.

The "Best Cleaner" To Remove Build-Up And Germs From Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup tools are porous, so they hold onto bacteria — but they also cling onto product residue, which makes them less effective for application and blending. Reviewers love JAPONESQUE makeup brush cleanser because it restores and maintains your tools using a powerful formula. "Works amazingly well," one buyer says. "Just a couple of spritzes, and the bristles are like they're brand new: clean and conditioned."

An Oat-Based Dry Shampoo That Reviewers Swear By

If you've tried a million dry shampoos to no avail, reviewers urge you to try and a million and one. They say that countless brands "do not compare" to Klorane dry shampoo, which leaves their hair feeling as if they "have just washed it." Thanks to its formula comprised of nettle, oat milk, and rice starch, this must-try hair-care staple is scalp-friendly and fresh-smelling, all without leaving behind a chalky residue.

A Whitening Toothpaste That Utilizes Smart Botanical Ingredients

If you're sick of toothpastes with "unwanted extras" (like parabens, petroleum, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, and fluoride), then Himalaya whitening toothpaste might be your newest dental staple. Instead of all the aforementioned, this pick gently whitens and freshens using ingredients like neem, pomegranate, papaya, and pineapple. " Their harvesting practices are ethical and they are a family owned/operated business," one reviewer says. "On top of all that, this stuff tastes great and leaves my breath feeling fresh for hours."

A Soothing Way To Massage And Exfoliate In The Shower

Scientific research states that loofahs are "reservoirs and vehicles" for harmful bacteria that could potentially cause disease. Rather than abrasive, hard-to-clean plastics, this INNERNEED body brush is made from 100 percent silicone, which is flexible, skin-friendly, and resistant to germs. On one side, it has a flexible strap that turns it into a glove, and on the other, it has thousands of flexible bristles that massage and exfoliate your skin. You can get this product in two shapes and seven colors.

Eco-Friendly Toothbrushes That Are Made Out Of Bamboo

Plastic isn't great for you or the environment — which is why these numbered Wowe toothbrushes have over 1,300 reviews. The handles are made from BPA-free bamboo, and even the packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. Reviewers say the bristles are "just the right balance between firm and gentle," and leave their mouths "feeling and looking great."

A Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner For Fresher Breath And Stronger Tastes

According to experts, tongue scrapers can help to remove biofilm and keep oral bacteria in check — but they also help to lessen sulfur compounds, which freshens breath. Dr. Tung's tongue cleaner is made from durable, easy-to-sanitize stainless steel. It also has rubber handles for better grip and more comfortable control. "I can’t even begin to explain what a wonderful product this is," says one reviewer, who reports that their mouth is fresher and "[they can even] taste things better."

A Brilliant Applicator That Helps You Apply Lotion Anywhere (By Yourself)

Whether it's moisturizer, sunscreen, a medicated acne formula, or tanning lotion, now you can reach every last inch of your body without having to enlist someone's help. The Body Buddy is a long, flexible strap made from non-absorbent material. This allows you to apply and spread any product of your choice, anywhere on your body — including your back, shoulders, and legs.

A Waterproof Cleansing Brush With Seven Interchangeable Heads

Reviewers say the PIXNOR cleansing brush "performs just as well as the more expensive ones," but at a mere fraction of the price. This waterproof, battery-operated tool has seven interchangeable heads for callouses, massages, makeup removal, and cleansing skin with all different sensitivity levels. "It grossed me out how much foundation I still had on my face after thinking I removed it all with a makeup remover wipe," says one reviewer who's "never going back" to life without this beauty tool.

A Clarifying Shampoo That Removes Build-Up With Apple Cider

"I love this shampoo," one reviewer raves, and that seems to be the general consensus. "I use it every Sunday to rid my hair and scalp of all the product residue from the week. It smells amazing and gets my hair really clean." Fekkai shampoo deeply cleanses the scalp and follicles of all build-up, but without removing the essential moisture. The result? Hair that's clean, lightweight, and hydrated.

Clippers That "Cuts Like Butter" And Catches All The Nail Clippings

One reviewer calls the No-Mes "the best clippers [they've] ever owned" because the "all metal construction" is durable, effective, comfortable to hold, and guaranteed for life. It even has a hidden compartment that catches nail clippings after you cut them, so you don't have to worry about them flying across the room. "Cut my nails like a hot knife through butter," another reviewer says.

A Hand-Sensing Soap Dispenser To Limit The Spread Of Germs

Your hands are clean and bacteria-free after you wash them, but beforehand, you're spreading all those germs on everything you touch. The Secura soap dispenser doesn't require you to touch a thing. Instead, it automatically drops soap into your hand using a reliable infrared sensor. You can even adjust the volume output, and since it runs on batteries, you don't have to worry about cords. Reviewers say it's a "luxury you will appreciate daily," and it makes you feel "disproportionately pampered relative to how much it costs."

Special Brushes To Clean Inside Glasses And Water Bottles

You're trying to do the environment a favor when you opt for glass water bottles and reusable coffee cups — but after a while, you start to wonder if the interior is really all that clean. Cue these ALINK cleansing brushes, which reach deep into bottles, jars, carafes, and decanters to scrub every last inch. The BPA-free bristles and flexible necks are "effective" and make reviewers' lives "so much easier."

A Sleek, Simple Dish Rack That Resists Bacteria

A quality dish rack doesn't have to monopolize your entire counter. In fact, this one from Tortuga Home Goods lays almost entirely flat, all except for its wide ridges that provide traction, evaporation, and drainage while remaining easy to wipe clean. Thanks to its all-silicone construction, this pick resists the growth of bacteria and mildew. You can even toss it in the dishwasher when you feel like it needs a deep clean. Get it in your choice of black, gray, or red.

A Bucket-Free Mop That You Can Toss In The Washing Machine

"Do yourself a favor and buy this mop," says one reviewer, who hasn't been "this excited about a product in a while." Instead of spreading dirty water around the floor like a traditional mop, the O-Cedar ProMist sprays fresh cleaning solution with every new area. The dual-side microfiber head then scrubs and picks up the dirt — and when you're done, you can toss it in the washing machine so it's ready for the next chore day.

A Spray That Sanitizes Using The Antibacterial Power Of Thyme

According to scientific studies, Triclosan (the main ingredient in traditional hand sanitizers) has been shown to compromise the microbiome and present various health risks to humans. Instead, CleanWell sanitizing spray uses all-botanical ingredients — specifically thyme, which leaves skin soft and germ-free without the toxicity. It's also biodegradable, compact for easy travel, and "doesn't dry out [your] hands," according to reviewers.

An Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic Laundry Ball That Lasts For 1,500 Washes

For those who are sensitive to the additives and ingredients in laundry detergents, reviewers say that the Beron eco-friendly laundry ball is "one of the best investments that [they] have ever made." Instead of harsh chemicals, this product contains ceramic beads which increases the pH-level of the water to remove stains, odors, and dirt. It even lasts for up to 1,500 washes, and when it starts to lose its cleaning power, a few hours in the sun will give it a renewed boost of effectiveness.

An All-Natural, All-Surface Spray That Makes Buyers "Want To Clean"

"This is my go-to all-purpose cleaner," raves one reviewer, who says that Mrs. Meyer's spray "actually makes me want to clean my counters!" Using ingredients like birch bark extract, fir leaf oil, and lemon peel, this spray removes dirt, streaks, and germs on virtually any surface — from tiles and countertops to appliances and floors. Even better, at just $11 for a pack of three, you'll be set for dozens of chore days to come.

A Non-Slip Tub Mat That's Resistant To Mildew, Bacteria, And Soap Scum

Non-slip bath mats are literal life-savers, but as soon as they start collecting mildew and scum, you start asking yourself, "Is this worth it?" The GORILLA GRIP bath mat has a grippy surface and hundreds of suction cups to keep it in place — but it also features countless large holes that allow water to and soap to drain away. It's made from anti-bacterial, BPA-free material that you can toss in the washing machine to remove build-up. This mat is also available in 15 sizes, and has over 4,500 reviews.

A Natural Deodorant That Counteracts Odors With Magnesium

It's extremely rare that a natural deodorant has people raving, but this one has elicited countless exclamation points. Reviewers say that MagSol magnesium deodorant "works just as well as aluminum-based," but it neutralizes odors using safe ingredients like beeswax, essential oils, and sweet almond oil. Furthermore, buyers say, "Whomever got the idea for using magnesium in deodorant is a genius." Not only does it keep you smelling fresh, but it'll help replenish magnesium levels for those who are deficient.

A Brilliant Cleaning Tool So You Can Scrub The Tub Without Bending Down

Thanks to its extendable handle and pivoting, corner-shaped head, the OXO Good Grips scrubber makes bathroom day a breeze. It's ideal for tubs, tiles, and tight spaces because it easily fits into crevices and scrubs away residue without retaining germs. The pole is made from sturdy steel, and the head is anti-microbial and rinses clean when you finish your chores. "This thing really gets my bathtub clean," one reviewer comments, "and I do not have to bend at all."

An All-Natural Soap Collection Made With Soothing Essential Oils

"I have dry skin and this soap really helps," says one reviewer, who writes that the O Naturals collection leaves their body feeling "so soft" without that dry, tight-skin feeling. Instead of sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances, these quality soaps are triple-milled with gentle botanicals and real essential oils. This set comes with six soothing bars (Energizing, Exfoliating, Moisturizing, Cleansing, Soothing, And Sensitive), so there's a choice for every skin type and every kind of day.

Universal Clips To Keep Your Toothbrushes Sanitary

Protect your toothbrush from germs, soap splatters, hairspray — anything that's circulating around your bathroom. Steripods are clip-on solutions that fit regular toothbrushes as well as electric ones. They're multi-colored so you know which is whose, and you can use them at home or while traveling to ensure that your toothbrush stays sanitary in between replacements.

A Gentle, Eco-Friendly Floss That's Made From Real Silk

This Dental Lace floss is eco-friendly, gentle on sensitive gums, and 100-percent waste-free and recyclable. That's because it's made from real silk and coated in candelilla wax. Reviewers love that the "mint flavor is present without being overwhelming," and they say it's durable, slips more easily between teeth, and "grabs onto debris" more effectively than the plastic kinds.

Micellar Water That Removes Makeup Without Disrupting Skin's Protective Barrier

Instead of moisture-stripping soaps, Micellar water clings to impurities while respecting your skin's moisture levels and natural barriers. With a 4.5-star rating, Bioderma Sebium H2O is one of the best options out there. Those with all types of skin (including oily, dry, combination, and acne-prone) say it's helped to "balance oil production over time." It also effectively removes makeup, dirt, and residue without the need for excessive scrubbing.

A Deep-Cleaning Sponge That Only Requires Water

Instead of cleaning with harsh chemicals, hundreds of people have switched to the Nano Sponge. In fact, some are calling it their "best purchase on Amazon to date" because its special Nanolon fiber scrubs away grime and polishes all surfaces using only water. "I never thought my stove top would ever look like new again," one reviewer says, but the Nano Sponge got rid of all the "discoloration" and "spots from various accidents." It also won't scratch and resists odor better than regular sponges and rags — and when you feel like it needs a deep clean, you can toss it in the dishwasher.

A Dry Brush For Exfoliation, Lymph Movement, And Massage

The GranNaturals dry brush is double-sided — it has natural bristles and massage nodes — so you can exfoliate and stimulate however feels best. Reviewers have noticed smoother skin, less acne, better circulation, and improved lymphatic drainage after incorporating into their daily routine. "I love the long handle for reaching those weird itchy spots on my back, and the massage bumps are a real treat for my neck and shoulders," one reviewer writes. "I will absolutely recommend this to friends and family who want an awesome dry brush!"

A Discreet Water Filter That Works Alongside Any Shower

The AquaBliss filter is a high-output water purifier that universally attaches to virtually all shower heads without tools and without a time-consuming installation process. It's filled with three distinct layers to remove small sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and algae from your water, so your hair, skin, and body are hydrated and healthier. "My skin doesn't feel itchy anymore after taking a shower," says one reviewer, while another says, "This shower filter has given me back my good hair days" — and best of all, it won't impact your water pressure.

An Antifungal Body Wash Made With Real Tea Tree Oil

Staph infections, nail fungus, eczema, body odors, ringworm, and athlete's foot are just some of the many things that reviewers were able to clear up with this Majestic Pure body wash. Instead of harsh, medicated ingredients, this formula utilizes anti-fungal tea tree oil alongside natural, plant-based moisturizers. "Great smell, great suds, and it works. What more could you ask for?"

An Oral Rinse That Reviewers Call "Miraculous" For Bad Breath

Reviewers are fed up with burning, overly-drying mouthwash solutions. Instead, they've turned to TheraBreath oral rinse. "This is by far the best bad breath fighter on the market," one buyer says. "I have tried everything for years and nothing works like TheraBreath." Even though the taste is extremely subtle, this pick neutralizes odors using the power of oxygen, which fights sulfur-causing compounds for up to 24 hours. Since it's free from dyes, alcohol, sulfates, fluoride, and parabens, it's safe for sensitive mouths, too.

An Effective Deodorant Spray For Your Shoes (Or Feet)

Using an antibacterial mix of essential oils like thyme, eucalyptus, and tea tree, DoctorCare Plus fights odor-causing germs in your shoes — but the formula is so gentle, you can even use it directly on your feet. "This is the best stuff ever," says one reviewer who also refers to it as a "complete miracle!" They go on to say, "I sprayed it in [two pairs of old shoes] and they no longer smell."

A Tiny Plug-In Ionizer That Purifies The Air In Your Space

Even though it's barely bigger than your hand, reviewers say that the Plixio mini plug-in purifier keeps the air in their space "fresh and clean." It functions as a negative ion generator, which helps to neutralize odors as well as tackle allergens and impurities. Best of all, it's extremely quiet and only requires a single outlet, so it won't take up any surface space in your bedroom or office. Thanks to the built-in automatic timer, this gadget saves energy by purifying the air in 30-minute intervals.

A Body Scrub With Some Intriguing Ingredients

Because it uses only the best raw ingredients to detoxify, exfoliate, and treat acne, reviewers say M3 Naturals Himalayan face scrub is "worth every penny." In addition to real Himalayan salt, this unique formula is infused with fruit stem cells, collagen, lychee oil, aloe vera, and sweet almond oil. People love it because it "smells great," it's gentle enough that they "can use it on [their] face and body every day," and it makes their skin "look better and feel softer."

Body Wipes That Keep You Feeling Fresh Even When You Don't Have Time To Shower

These individually-wrapped towelettes are "light and compact," so they "work great on long hikes or camping trips." That said, reviewers also use them at the gym, while traveling, at concerts, and to freshen up after work. They're made using 100 percent eco-friendly, biodegradable materials (namely bamboo), and are entirely hypoallergenic and pH-balanced thanks to ingredients like tea tree, chamomile, aloe, oat extract, and green tea.

An Extendable Duster That Bends To Reach Difficult Places

For cleaning underneath low furniture and on top of fan blades, there's this brilliant invention: the Pure Care duster. It has countless microfiber strands that grab onto dust, allergens, and dirt — but the real selling points are the adjustable head and the extendable pole. This tool can reach up to 64 inches and bend in three spots, so reviewers can "dust everything, even the hardest-to-reach places."

An Extremely Versatile Soap For All Of Your DIY Solutions

When used as a soap, Dr. Bronner's is a biodegradable and vegetable-based formula that cleanses and invigorates skin without disrupting its moisture balance. That said, it's been called "very versatile" and "super helpful" to have around the house, because it can also wash hair, cleanse pets, and deter bugs. It also makes for a great base for your homemade laundry detergents, household cleaning formulas, and even vegetable rinses.

Improved Toothpicks That Remove Plaque Between Teeth

This is not your average toothpick. Soft-Picks are made with tiny, flexible bristles that reach between teeth to remove plaque and food build-up. Reviewers say they're "so much more satisfying than dental floss," and can be used in situations when flossing isn't efficient — like in a restaurant bathroom, or for those who have braces. They come in a pack of 320 and even include a tiny travel case that holds a few at a time.

Scrub For Itchy Eyelids, Sensitive Eyes, And Uncomfortable Contact Lenses

Leftover makeup, excess oil, pollen, and dead skin can all cause eye irritation when left on the lid. Ocusoft lid scrub is a favorite among those with blepharitis, sensitive eyes, or contacts, because after using it, their eyes feel "cleaner," "clearer," and "less fatigued and dry." Despite the fact that it foams into a rich lather, it's non-irritating and safe for sensitive areas.

A Satisfying Foot Scrubber Brush So You Don't Have To Bend Over

Massage your arches, exfoliate dead skin, and cleanse your entire foot without having to bend down in the shower. Buyers love the Vive scrubber because it attaches to their shower or bathtub using its suction cup base. The strong, dual bristles then wash and massage your feet with minimal effort on your part. It's resistant to mold and mildew, has a hook for easy drying, and can even be used alongside your favorite soap. (Majestic Pure antifungal tea tree wash is a particular invigorating pairing.)

An Ionic Steamer That Comes With Several Free Perks

Hydrate, cleanse, and heal pores with the Zenpy Nano steamer. This spa-like gadget creates a warm ionic mist that penetrates skin with extremely small moisture molecules. The result? Reviewers say their complexion " really looks much cleaner than before," as well as "brighter." This steamer even comes with a seven-piece extraction set and a kitten-ear headband to keep your hair back during your at-home spa day.

A Nail Strengthening Cream That Reviewers Swear By

If you're looking to strengthen or grow your nails, buyers say they "swear by" this Hard As Hoof cream. It's packed with nourishing ingredients that promote growth, condition cuticles, and reinforce proteins to prevent cracking and splitting. That said, buyers say it "absorbs right in" instead of sitting on top of the skin like a greasy mess. They also say it has an "amazing" scent that smells like "waves of coconut with an almond undertone."

A Hand-Held Massage Brush For Cleaner Hair And A Relaxed Scalp

This waterproof shampoo brush is called the MAXSOFT scalp massager, and according to reviewers, it "feels like [you're] at a spa." That said, in addition to the relaxation factor, it also reaches deep into your roots to remove product build-up and effectively cleanse hair follicles, so they're light and healthy-feeling. You can get this one in green or pink, and it even has an ergonomic handle for comfortable use.

Pore Strips That Are "Amazing At Removing Blackheads"

"I've tried various types of pore strips," says one reviewer, "and this one is the only one that has wowed me." TONYMOLY Egg Pore nose strips are made using charcoal to pull out impurities as well as real eggshell powder to soothe redness and calm enlarged pores. Best of all, reviewers say you can "actually see all the muck being lifted from [your] pores and stuck onto the strip."

Two Gentle Exfoliation Sponges That Are Covered In Hemp

Hemp is more hygienic than a synthetic loofah, but according to reviewers, it's also more effective when it comes to exfoliating skin and boosting circulation. DeLaine’s body scrubbers contain a soft sponge on the inside and woven, all-natural hemp on the outside. They're so durable, you can even wash them in the machine or sanitize them in the microwave to ensure that germs are kept in check.

A Mess-Free, Pain-Free Way To Remove Unwanted Hair On The Go

Dozens of buyers have given up plucking, waxing, and bleaching in lieu of the Uervoton hair remover. Thanks to its dual-blade hypoallergenic head, this tool offers a fast and convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair anywhere on the body — without pain and without mess. It even comes with two replacement heads, and since it looks like a tube of lipstick and runs on batteries, you can take it anywhere without hassle.

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