Everything You Need To Know About KKW Fragrance's Latest Drop (Including When You Can Shop It)

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KKW Fragrance is Dropping a New Perfume Crystal Violet Musk

When Kim Kardashian first announced the release of her Crystal scents for KKW Fragrance in 2017, people didn't know what to expect. But, it was clear fans were excited; all three versions — Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus (sadly, no longer available on KKW Fragrance), and Crystal Gardenia Oud — sold out within six days. Now, three years and multiple KKW emoji-shaped perfumes later, KKW Fragrance's new Crystal Violet Musk scent is the latest installment to the original Crystal family. And if the mass haul of its predecessors have any words of advice, it's to act fast.

The beauty mogul took to Instagram Mon. night to reveal her newest fragrance endeavor in a (very well-lit) video. Kardashian held up a crystal-shaped bottle with a purple tint and told her 158 million followers how excited she is to release the $35 fragrance on Jan. 29.

So, what exactly can you expect from the 30-milliliter scent? It's a welcome departure from the original Crystal Gardenia, which was highly feminine with white florals, and Crystal Gardenia Oud, which highlighted more citrus-y smells. Since Kardashian wanted Crystal Violet Musk to be refreshing and relaxing, it's no surprise the main scent is ultra-soothing lavender. It continues with notes of sugar-coated bergamot and eases into star jasmine and peonies for a floral middle. Sandalwood and vanilla bean round out the scent for the ultimate sweet and warm mixture.

Aside from pure scent, the star briefly noted the perfume will feature actual lavender crystals, which are traditionally known in the healing practice for both nourishing and energizing powers. It clearly fits the theme, but the addition of crystals might be more personal for Kardashian. Her original Crystal Collection came after her tragic 2017 Paris robbery when her friends gifted her the crystals as support. And, although healing crystals may not be for everyone, if it's an added bonus to a perfume you want to test out, why turn away supposed nourishing and energizing powers in 2020?

Time to set your alarms for 12:00 p.m. PST Jan. 29, because there's no guarantee this one will last even six days on the market. And since it's exclusively sold on KKW Fragrance's website, go ahead and bookmark it below so you won't have any trouble finding the page later on.