Why Kinship’s New Multi-Tasking Mud Mask Will Replace All Your Others This Summer

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Courtesy of Kinship
Kinship's new Mint Mud mask helps exfoliate and cleanse your skin.
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Nothing feels nastier than sweaty skincare products. It's one thing when it's your makeup, but when summertime starts messing with the masks, moisturizers, and serums trying to give your skin some love, it's less than ideal. Thankfully, Kinship's new Mint Mud mask can handle the heat and will keep your skin in tip-top shape while also cooling you off (hello, summer must-have).

Available as of May 20, the Mint Mud Deep Pore Detox Mask ($23) contains a very specific list of star ingredients that multitask together, but won't overwhelm your skin. Its goal isn't just to replace your other mud masks, but to do the work of your cleansers and peels, too. Included in the skin-loving ingredients is one of the more well-known AHAs, lactic acid, which serves as a powerful-but-gentle exfoliant. Within the formula, it works in tandem with moringa oil to soften your skin and restore its luster.

Also included (and unique to the brand and all its products), is Kinbiome, a prebiotic-infused technology that aims to improve your skin's microbiome. And perhaps most notably, the mask contains a pore-cleansing power couple: a clay duo consisting of bentonite clay (the highlight ingredient in that cult-favorite Aztec mask) and kaolin clay, another popular clay for cleaning your pores. Not ready for 5-10 minutes of soaking those ingredients in? Thankfully, the mask also doubles as an exfoliating cleanser, so you can massage a small amount into skin, rinse it off, and still reap its cleaning and cooling benefits.

Courtesy of Kinship

Ingredients aside, the mask is also fun to use thanks to its color and scent: It's similar to those bright green masks you might remember using years ago, and it smells shockingly similar to mint chocolate chip ice cream (aka exactly what you'd want on a hot summer day).

My personal favorite part of trying the product, however, was that despite the mud drying tight like most clay masks, my skin didn't feel that way after. Instead, upon removing the cool, tingly formula, my skin felt soft and smooth, not intensely stripped. Another aspect of the new launch that impressed me is that Kinship made these new Mint Mud jars with an eco-conscious mindset, crafting them out of 50 percent post-consumer recycled plastic and 50 percent ocean waste plastic, so I feel a little less guilty about adding another product to my skincare collection.

Check out the new pore-cleansing mud mask, below.

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