This Is The Hairstyle Jen Atkin Thinks Will Be Most Popular In 2021—And It's Super Simple

by Sara Spruch-Feiner
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Like the rest of us, Jen Atkin has spent most of the past year at home. Unlike many of us, the celebrity hairstylist-turned-celebrity in her own right also published a book, expanded her line, OUAI, with hand care products, and of course, reflected on how a global pandemic will shape hair trends in 2021.

"I’d be okay with leaving messy buns and claw clips," says Atkin to TZR in an email. "I’m ready to see some polished hair again." So, what's next? The answer, she believes, lies in low maintenance looks as salon appointments will probably remain touch and go. "I think we’re going to see longer lengths when it comes to haircuts this year so it’s less maintenance," she says. "People will be keeping their styles healthy with soft waves, simple blowouts, or their natural texture." One way to bring some excitement? Atkin predicts that we'll see "a lot of fun with pops of color in hair."

If you're in need of inspiration or product suggestions, Atkin's empire has you covered on both fronts. "The hairstylist community is such an inspiration," Atkin says of her colleagues. "Everyone is getting so creative in how they can show up for their clients, despite all the obstacles going on. The Mane Addicts Creator Collective [a group of like-minded stylists Atkin has brought under her wing] has been fun to watch, they’ve been making amazing content at home and creating some really iconic looks."

At home herself, Atkin's had the chance to celebrate the publication of her first book, Blowing My Way to the Top: How to Break the Rules,

Find Your Purpose, and Create the Life and Career You Deserve, and embark on a virtual book tour. The book features blurbs from Atkin's close personal friends — like Chrissy Teigen — and is full of Atkin's hard-earned career advice. (Side note: if you're not familiar with her backstory, it's key to note that she was just 19 when she headed to L.A. with $300.) She calls the experience of publishing the book, "surreal," saying, "It’s so incredible to accomplish a big goal. I’m glad I can share my story and write the book I wish I had when I was starting out my career. Also, recording the audiobook was such a fun experience and I love seeing everyone's tags and highlights from the book."

When she wasn't working on her book, Atkin was perfecting her beauty and wellness routines, from the inside and out. Atkin's been relying on OUAI, her brand launched back in 2016. "I’ve been using the OUAI Medium to Thick Hair Mask to strengthen my hair and the OUAI Scalp and Body Scrub to keep my scalp healthy," she says. "I always use Dyson hair tools because their technology styles my hair but also prevents extreme heat damage." On the wellness front, Atkin is, like so many others, recommitting to taking care of herself and her body. "I think we all know how important physical and mental wellness is right now," she says, "I take OLLY Active Immunity to support a healthy immune system and OLLY Goodbye Stress to bring more calm into my days. A big goal of mine is to get more sleep. I’ve been taking OLLY Sleep to be more well rested this year and get a full eight hours."

Finally, as for what we can expect from Atkin and OUAI in the coming year, Atkin only says, "All I can say is we are developing some incredible products to fit into your routine at home, and revamping some of our best sellers in different scents."

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