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Khloe Kardashian’s New Pink Hair Will Convince You To Go Lighter This Winter


'Tis the season for hair changes. In the past few weeks alone, the celebrity set has showed off a handful of dramatic chops (looking at you, Hailey Baldwin and Emmy Rossum) and fresh new hues (remember Sienna Miller's honey blonde?). The latest transformation making waves in the beauty world, though, is Khloé Kardashian's new pink hair. Consider yourself warned: The subtle yet colorful wash may very well convince you to go pink this season.

It seems like it just yesterday that the 34-year-old debuted her light-blonde locks on social media. In fact, it was just a few short weeks ago that she took to Instagram stories to show off the first stages of her dramatic hair transformation — that time, she swapped her signature yellow-blonde hue for an icier, platinum blonde one that felt so right for the wintertime. Now, Kardashian has changed up her color once again, adding in subtle hints of pink.

On Dec. 16, the youngest Kardashian sister posted a photo of her new look, writing, "You’ll never get the same moment twice. Appreciate this moment." Whether the caption is directly related to her perfectly dyed hair is unclear (getting that same color you had the first time around is a challenge, after all), but one thing's for sure: the soft-pink hue looks stunning on the media mogul, and she knows just how to rock it. Kardashian complemented her fun, candy-colored look with a mauve lip and sparkly pink eyeshadow.

As cold-weather season kicks in, you might be itching for a change, too, and you certainly aren't alone. A handful of celebrities have freshened up their looks with new cuts and colors, so there's definitely no shortage of hair inspiration to bring with you to the salon. If you're not quite ready for a super-dramatic transformation, though, Kardashian's latest beauty look might be your calling card.

This winter, make like Kardashian and try layering some pastel streaks throughout your locks. It's a fun change that doesn't require quite as much commitment as, say, a super-choppy bob or a full-foil hair dye. Ahead, The Zoe Report's favorite hair care products to maintain your new look.

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