How Beyoncé's Coachella Eyeshadow Made It To NYFW

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Since its inception, the Kate Spade brand has always been associated with all things prim and proper, with a healthy dose of whimsy. Tea-length scalloped lace dresses? Check. Millennial pink watch with a flamingo-flanked face? Done and done. The brand's clothes and accessories are consistently and explicitly feminine — with matching beauty looks to boot. During the brand's recent show at New York Fashion Week on Sept. 7, makeup artist Romy Soleimani switched things up by using an edgy, indie glittery eyeshadow at Kate Spade that cool girls — including Beyoncé, who wore it at Coachella. Casual.

Backstage at New York Fashion Week, TZR spotted Lemonhead LA's $22 Spacepaste Metallic Glitter Concentrate among the Tom Ford, Chanel, and Bobbi Brown, and Caudalie goodies in the kits. And sure, the three-year-old brand founded by Megan Dugan may not have the same name recognition as those heavy-hitters, but the buzz surrounding it is completely homegrown — which makes for an even more gratifying success story.

"I started making products for myself to use on set because I hated loose glitter," Dugan tells The Zoe Report of the product, that's more of a paste than a gel, and despite its tackiness, it has more sparkle-per-container than just about any other glitter eyeshadow on the market. "I wanted to create a medium that would give me the same look of loose glitter without the mess and frustration. What I ended up with was a miracle formula created out of passion and hard work and a new medium that didn’t exist before." Once Dugan got the hang of her formula, she started giving jars of Spacepaste to friends and artists that she admired. "Eventually, my products ended up in the hands that paint the biggest stars in the world."

And she's not exaggerating: Margot Robbie and Priyanka Chopra are both fans of the brand. And for this year's Coachella festival in April, makeup artist Sir John layered the Houdini Highlite Spacepaste all over Beyoncé's eye, along with a bit of Dirty Penny Spacepaste in the middle for extra dimension, he told Elle.

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At Kate Spade, the look was a bit more demure — but just as dazzling. The artists applied a glowy bronze cream (like Chanel Soleil Tan) to the lids and blended it in well, adding a bit of higlight in the inner corners before dusting with Spacepaste. But if you want to skip out on the primer or glue, that's totally fine, too.

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"All of our products are ready to wear, so no primer or glue is actually required," Dugan notes. "Try painting it onto the skin with a flat synthetic brush — a good cheap concealer brush does wonders. I use a sculpting technique, so I like to over apply it and remove what I don’t want with the same brush or a spoolie. You can get a total-coverage glitter eye in less than two minutes."

With such a star-studded roster of fans, Lemonhead LA is a name everyone will continue to hear for seasons to come... even if mimics are sprouting up. "I want my products to speak for themselves," Dugan says. "And while I do have to deal with copycats all the time, I’m grateful. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, after all!"