Jessica Alba's Printed Coat Is Peak Coziness For Transitional Weather

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Say it ain't so! The countdown to fall is officially on, with signs of the cozy season popping up on Instagram grids and city sidewalks in the form of roomy jackets, square-toed booties, and vintage denim. Jessica Alba's printed coat was the a bold statement signaling the autumnal equinox ahead, and served as a whimsical departure from the actor's sleek and polished street-style aesthetic. The calf-length jacket — which appeared to be half-robe, half-duster — featured intricate designs of palm trees, tropical birds, and butterflies, promising to keep botanics alive even as leaves begin to change.

The 38-year-old was snug as a bug in the roomy jacket, which was teamed with brown suede booties and cropped frayed denim, delivering a western flair that gelled with the coat's fringed hem quite nicely. With a doggy bag from West Hollywood's Craig's in tow, Alba strolled alongside her husband for the low-key mid-week date night. With her golden hair styled in relaxed waves alongside a warm copper eye and a chunky gold chain, the Honest Company CEO taught a lesson on how to pull off extraordinary outerwear this fall — rounding out the spirited look with a colorful clutch.

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Even though summer's end might feel like gloom and doom, it's no good reason to ditch statement prints and bold hues. As proven by Alba's extremely cozy-looking getup, there's plenty to be excited for when it comes to fall — namely the fact that you can walk around swaddled up like a human burrito. If you're due for a little pick-me-up to bid summer goodbye and enter fall with a bang, snag a statement jacket such as Alba's. The Zoe Report's selection of cozy outerwear that certainly won't be overlooked, ahead.

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